5 Best Safety Apps For Women, Students and Senior Citizen

Living in big cities is not easy as it seems. Thought there is crowd, lightning in the night to travel but security is one of the major concern for every individual which is being increasing day by day. Whenever you are going alone it is never safe to walk on strange roads or with strange people.

Especially with women, students and senior citizen there is really need of security so that they can feel themselves safe and protected. Smartphones play a great role in security issues as you can’t have a person all the time to guard you  but with smartphone you can easily identify the issue and call the specific resource to help you out before its too late.

Smartphones makes you realize you are not alone at all and there is someone to guard you 24/7. There are several apps available for smartphone no matter which phone you are using Android, Windows, iOS, Blackberry which are enough to make you realize that you are safe. While you are walking alone at night or jogging at railway track, whether out on bad date or want an easy way to hook up with your close friends, the apps will keep you safer.

The safety apps are available for free as well as premium use where you can put survivor resources at your fingertips so that you ask help from them at quickly as possible at hard times.

1. bSafe

bSafe is personal safety tool for you and everyone you love which is designed keep you safer 24/7. The app features many everyday features and real-time emergencies. bSafe is available for Android and iOS devices.

It makes your friends always with you with Follow Me’s live GPS track where you can easily share your location easily with anyone. Whenever you need help, bSafe offers you audible alarm and starts broadcasting video captured by phone using GPS location.

2. SafeTrek

SafeTrek is a truly ingenious and one of the most important apps that you need to install on your phone. SafeTrek works everywhere in US and available for Android and iOS. The app allows you to protect yourself with calling cop in unsafe situation.

3. Life360 Locator

Life360 Locator is a powerful family locator app that keeps you connected with people who matters to you all the time. This app keeps tracks of stolen and lost phones.

You can create your own groups whom you want to notify of your location and it gives real-time alerts whenever some leaves the destination.

4. Circle of 6

Circle of 6 is very powerful app for women, senior citizen and college students. The app is available to download for Android as well as iOS devices. The apps offer an obtrusive interface which allows you to send pre-determined text messages to 6 contacts.

Circle of 6 offers pre-programmed national hotline number with local number that you can customize. It automatically makes contact call for help, send address and map of the exact location.

5. Safety Assistance by Samsung Galaxy

If you own Samsung Galaxy S5 or S6 the phone has build-in emergency tool that quickly notify pre-determined contacts. Configuring Safety assistance is easy. Tap Setting –> Quick setting –> Safety Assistance –> Send Help Messages. It sends SOS alerts with phone’s location, photo by rear and front camera and video recording.

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