6 Web Design Mistakes Those Are Killing Your Web Traffics

Are you running a business? Do you have a website for your business? Does your website represent your company perfectly? Remember, your web is a medium, where your company and company’s products are introduced to the customers. Is your website having busy web traffic or it costs a lot for your website without any growth in your business? If you have a little doubt to say YES, then here some mistakes are discussed, which you need to avoid.

Basically, a business website is not just a web page, it represents the company’s vision, marketing strategy, and customer retention tactics. If the website is not well designed, then it will surely affect your web traffic and business growth.

6 Web Design Mistakes

So read 6 website design mistakes below, which you need to avoid. There are many more mistakes, but here it is a collection of some major mistakes.

  1. Outdated or Old design:

Many customers or visitors always mark the design of the website. Now, it’s 2018. Suppose your website is designed for 2006 trends, is it attracting to your customer? It’s a big NO. It will create on customer’s mind that, is this company still running its business? Is this company trustworthy to buy a product from here? You never even dream, your customer should think like this. Your website is the representation of your company’s brand and vision. The design of your website should be updated with time. An updated web design always make intriguing your customer to your products and services. An updated web design always excite your customer to stay with you and they patiently wait for your next product launch. So in this way you can increase the web traffic to your website to grow your business.

  1. No clear call to action:

call to actions

You set your website on the internet for a certain purpose. In many cases, some website has no clear-cut idea for what reason they want web traffic on their website. Customers also get confused, what exactly this website works for. This thing is needed to sort out. Just think the vision if your company and the things your company is dealing with. Always create Calls to action, which direct your customer or web traffic, where you want to. If your purpose is to sell products, then design your website accordingly and have an eye-catching button BUY NOW. So the customer will instantly make his mind and understand your company. Remember, a customer never stay online on a website for more time. A perfect web design can make that customer stay on your website more time.

  1. Limited or Non-existent mobile optimization:

In this modern era, you have to make your website optimized, so that your website should work on all the devices perfectly. From a recent survey on data traffic, it is cleared that more than 60% users are surfing from smartphones or tablets. If your website is not optimized for the mobile devices, then you are about to lose those 60% audiences. It is surely a big blow to your company. You can solve it in two ways in website responsiveness and a separate website for mobile. In website responsiveness, your website should be scaled as per which device it is viewed. It is the cheapest way for the optimization in the mobile devices. Or else you can create a separate mobile website in LITE version. It may cost you more.

  1. Not optimized for speed:

website speed optimization

Now your website may be well designed, It may works on all devices perfectly, but still, there is no satisfactory web traffics. It may be due to speed. As per the previous discussion, a customer always has a very short attention span on a website. If your website will load very slow say it takes more than 2 seconds to load, it will surely make irritation to a customer. So you will lose the web traffic or the customers.  You need to be your website very responsive and quick. So you need to install cache technology to overcome this problem.

  1. No definite Search Engine Optimisation:

You may have done hard labour to design your website perfectly and also optimized the responsive speed; still, you are not getting traffic as per your expectation. You might have overlooked the SEO technology. Basically, it is a type of free advertising on the internet. You need to do search engine optimization of your website so that it will come in top rank on search engine. So the potential user will click on your website without wasting more time to search another. A good rank on search engine, always makes a visitor feels the brand value of the company. This is one of the best ways to get the web traffic.

  1. Errors Everywhere:

Even after all are perfectly set of your website, errors on the webpage make a big impact on the visitors. This problem reduces the interest of a visitor faster than any other problem. To overcome this problem set up Google Webmaster and Google Analytics on your website. You will get the report of all type 404 errors on your webpage and solve those quickly to improve your web traffics.


So, you must have a rough idea, how to overcome the less web trafficking problems. Now it’s your time to solve the issues on your way. Here, we try to solve 6 major issues. Hope it will be really beneficial for your websites to get heavy traffics. If you are not expert enough to solve the issues related to the web traffics, then we suggest you to take help of any website developer and solutions firms. In our point of view, Hopinfirst is one of the best website developer and digital marketing agency. It is the best way to take their help in the cheapest price and the fastest service. Good luck with your website.

Author Bio: James Tredwell is a Technical SEO at Hopinfirst.com who works with unique problems and advanced search situations. He helps clients improve organic traffic through a deep understanding of Google’s algorithm and Web technology.