7 questions you must ask before hiring android app development companies

7 questions you must ask before hiring android app development companies

The rise in the market of mobile devices alone proves how users are becoming highly dependent on smart devices. For every task, they can simply use their phones and within minutes their tasks are completed. They don’t even have to leave the vicinity of their homes. This is the power of smart devices! While there are many OS platforms available to choose from, most users have an inclination towards Android devices. There are more android mobile device users than any other OS users across the globe.

This allows android app development companies to develop apps that best fit the modules and requirements of android platforms. The increasing number of users on the Android platform brings out immense opportunities to experiment with the needs of users by developing innovative apps. The use of the latest trends makes it much merrier to use while improving user experience on the go.
Most businesses sought android app development companies to develop the app. This could be in-house as well as hire a development company altogether. Hiring could be a tricky task and would need support to get things done. Today we are going to share a few questions that will help you hire the best android app development company. Let’s begin to know more.

1) Would you care to show your previous work?

Now that you know which development companies to interview, the first thing that you should ask before hiring an android app development company is their previous work. By having a look at what they have done in the past, it is easy to analyze their competencies and skills. Also, you can ask them to show the related work that you are planning to give to the development company. Once you have a list of their previous work, you could easily make up your mind in deciding which android app development company would suffice your need.

2) Can we speak to the same industry client of yours?

By asking this question, you are stating to android app development companies that you might be interested in working with them but only after knowing what their clients have to say. In many cases, there are situations when the projects delivered may turn out good but not the overall development experience. This confusion could only be cleared when the business gets to speak to development company clients. Once they share their overall experience, you could understand the concept of the work ethics of the company easily.

3) How much involvement do you need from the business end?

This is another question that is a must when deciding to hoe a development company. Ost business hires an android app development company as they don’t want to get involved in the nitty-gritty of the overall development process. However, there is still a need for business when certain decisions are to be made, some changes are to be recommended and more. This should be cleared at the starting itself so that there is no confusion between the collaboration required and expected from both parties.

4) What would be the team size and who would be its member?

The biggest thing that assures the quality development of a mobile app is the team that is developing it. You must know who you are working with, what is your team, who are its members, what are their talents, how familiar they are with your app idea and more. Once these questions are well discussed with them, then only you can move ahead. The team working on the app is the one that should be kept on top of the list while deciding to hire an android app development company. An efficient, well-trained and experienced could do wonders and develop an app that could enhance a business’s place and level in the market.

5) How much importance do you give to design during the app development?

When it comes to android app development, business is aware how much design is important in the development. Android platform is known to be very user-friendly and the apps too need to justify the platform. This focus and pressurizes on android app development companies to give importance to the design of the app. Users prefer those apps which are easy to use, explore while working on their need and request. Any complexity in the app is not appreciated and soon the app could see its downfall.

6) What about the budget?

Once you get to hold onto everything that would fulfill the requirement of app development, the next thing to discuss is the budget of the app development. You don’t want to splurge all your money in simply having the app developed. You need to make a defined budget and find a development company that fits your pocket. Many development companies would make all your wishes come true but at an exquisite price. This may seem workable at the beginning but it’s risky later. Thus, discuss the budget and monetary requirement between both the parties before sealing the deal.

7) Would you be providing maintenance and support services post-delivery of the app?

Before commencing and signing the Android app development company, there’s one last thing that you need to be aware of. Ask the company if they would be providing any maintenance and support once the app delivery is made. This should be discussed before finalizing the monetary aspects of the project. Support and maintenance are something that is required even after the app is delivered and launched. This improves the performance of the app and helps businesses to remove and bugs.


Wrapping up, android app development companies continue to fulfill their client requirements and develop apps that best fits their suite. The businesses that go with hiring development companies need to be proactive and smart so that their hiring decision is correct and does not challenge their future expectations at all in any case.

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