The Future Of Ecommerce In India

E-commerce was always going to be the next revolution in the field of Shopping, be it India or any other nation. Although the number of people who are able to comprehend the Pros of Online shopping may be smaller in India, they are well aware of the fact that sooner than later, they would have to switch to the Digital World. And why not?

E-commerce provides a ton of advantages over traditional shopping. All thanks to the World Wide Web, now we are able to surf literally anything from the world. Be it sports or any top headlines or simply buying products from the shop.

Before the Evolution of Ecommerce, shopping would require traveling to and fro to the destination place, then spend a ton of time to evaluate the desired object/services.

What E-commerce has done is that it allows us to evaluate all the products/services in a much efficient way. Now there are more than enough websites for almost every sort of product, some of them are even pertaining to only a particular set of services like Mobile Recharge and Bill Payments.

As predicted by reputed sources from across the globe, E-commerce is on the verge of exploding in developing countries especially like India. With more than a dozen online portals for Business to Consumers and Consumers to Consumers, there is a fierce competition going on between the top giants like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal in order to secure their place as the most desirable and trusted E-commerce Website.

If we talk about the various factors that are eventually going to be the crucial ones in deciding who captures the throne of the leading Ecommerce provider in business then the following ones are the most crucial.

  1. Availability of Products: –  There is a reason giant like Amazon, Flipkart are always the preferred choice for people. It’s because there is a rare occasion of a product not being available on both of them. While it may appear to be not so crucial element to the general entrepreneur, it is to a general consumer.
  1. Prompt Delivery: – This is one element, which needs to be highly addressed by any major E-commerce company if they want to lure more Indian consumers. We live in a world where people crave instant gratification. And there is nothing wrong in it as there are sufficient technology and resources to make it happen, though it’s not easy.
  1. Customer Support: – Of all the factors, this is the most important one to me. If we go by probability, there is an array of things which could go wrong. In such scenario, a polite, sincere acknowledgment of the guilty party is worth the time and more often than not, playing the blame game is a surefire way of distancing the consumer from the brand.

There are a plethoric number of critical factors which decides a fate of an Ecommerce brand especially in India, most of them fall under the category of the above-mentioned factors only in the direct or indirect way.One thing is for certain, that Indian Consumers are going to be benefitted in a huge way in the E-commerce Market in upcoming years.

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