lifehacker is a platform for life hacks and tips, which was launched on January 31, 2005. Originally, the site was established by Gawker Media and is currently owned by G/O Media. Lifehacker also ran the Ask Lifehacker Podcast (, which was discontinued in April 2014. The website is featured with various blog posts that cover a wide range of topics like Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux programs, iOS, and Android, as well as general life tips and tricks.

Furthermore, the platform has a fast-paced release schedule. This means the content is published every half hour all day long. The overall purpose of Lifehacker is to provide content with effective tips, tricks that will help the customers with handling things faster. This means a customer is eligible to access various life hacks on the website and in mobile applications.

Along with this, Lifehacker has various international editions like Lifehacker Australia, Lifehacker Japan, and Lifehacker UK. These editions are featured with the most posts from the US version along with additional content particular to local readers. Lifehacker’s VPN ( deals are also on the top and provide internet access without any hassle.

At the moment, Lifehacker has become one of the largest media about gadgets, technologies, and games. Every month, about two and a half million people read articles on tips and tricks of devices and accessories, services, and applications. Therefore, Lifehacker deal of the day ( services provides information on various technological deals.

Lifehacker promptly and interestingly talk about everything important and interesting, give useful advice and publish instructions, conduct creative photography of products and help navigate the variety of gadgets and applications. It is a young project that is gaining popularity, based on the preferences and expectations of users who are interested in technology.

About – Lifehacker

As discussed above, Lifehacker was founded by Gina Trapani in September 2005. At that moment, she was the site’s sole blogger. Later one, two associate editors joined her – Erica Sadun and D. Keth Robinson. Some other editors also took part in this portal.

Lifehacker’s frequent guest posts have included articles by Joe Anderson, Eszter Hargittai, Matt Haughey, Meg Hourihan, Jeff Jarvis. Trapani resigned on January 16, 2009, as Lifehacker’s lead editor and Adam Pash assumed the position.

Lifehacker revealed a redesigned site with a cleaner layout later on February 7, 2011. This portal was one of the six websites that were purchased by Univision Communication in their acquisition of Gawker Media in August 2016. The Lifehacker Android app ( pack contains the latest materials in order to cover daily issues of digital technologies and modern solutions based on them.

The Lifehacker website has been created and developed with one strategic goal – to provide you with the opportunity to receive complete, objective, and useful information about high technologies, their components, and peripheral devices. In the selection of information, the subjective aim of the portal is the interests of readers.

In the formation of a civilized market for high technologies, Lifehacker wants to provide an opportunity for various quality products. The entrepreneurs also have the opportunity to know tricks and tips on high-quality equipment and technology. The publication of Lifehacker becomes for many people a guide to the near future, which already surrounds us.

Generally, Lifehacker is a legendary resource about modern technologies that came to the consumer segment from scientific fields. The main goal of Lifehacker is to tell readers in understandable language about the future that has already come and has become available to ordinary consumers.

Lifehacker – Categories & Services

  • Skillet

Whether it is about seasoned cooking or something that you want to taste. Lifehacker comes up with various cooking ideas that are simple to make in-home. The section will also help in providing healthy diet materials along with coffee, dessert drinks, and many more.

  • Two Cents

Two Cents teach you everything about personal finance like how to budget on your own terms which investment is right for you, and how to handle financial expenses during a financial crisis. This means a customer can update himself with various things in order to protect yourself from extra expenses.

  • Vitals

Whether you are a gymnastic person or yoga lover, Lifehacker will provide a guide on various exercises, tools, and eating habits in order to maintain the health of their customers. Various tricks and tips help everyone to be aware of themselves in the right form of exercise and benefit from them.

  • Offspring

This section is from parents, friends, children, and family members who want to enjoy reading about baby-food blending strategies or times table hacks.

  • The Upgrade

Lifehacker’s upgrade system is a weekly podcast, which is featured with full tips, tricks, and hacks. A reader can find every information in detail with important links and transcripts.

If any person has a query related to technology and gadgets, then they can drop an email on with “Tech 911” in the subject line. The support will always be available to help you.

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