10 Online Businesses to Invest During COVID-19 Crisis 


The pandemic of COVID-19 has wreaked on the world. It is immense and growing continuously.

COVID-19’s sudden spread has led to dramatic changes in every country and state. COVID-19 is impacting businesses and industries also and a financial crisis is occurring similar to that of 2008.

With the rise of COVID-19 positive cases every day, increasing more people are confining themselves to their homes.

Since the situation is not going to improve anytime soon, people are now looking for alternative options to run their everyday operations. 

The whole world is struggling to combat the present and future economic results of this pandemic.

Though COVID-19 is really bad for businesses, this outbreak has opened opportunities for some businesses. Soon, heavy traffic will incline towards the online platforms offering a golden opportunity for businesses to set up online businesses.

So, if you are looking for software development for an online business, there are many good stocks you can invest into. It is because, with social distancing, good software has become an important part of everything. 

How To Invest In COVID-19 Situations? 

Mobile solutions have begun to flourish amidst the social distancing situation. In fact, a few software will not only be advantageous but important as well.

So, let us look over the best ways and best software to invest money in the crisis of COVID-19: 

Delivery Services 

If you are looking for ways on investing in the COVID-19 crisis, remember that a few solutions are more profitable as compared to the others. One such solution is delivery service software.

Even though businesses and factories are firing and cutting down their employees, the delivery services are now hiring to deal with the growing demands.

The present condition of COVID-19 and social distancing has made more and more people count on websites and mobile apps for logistics, food, and grocery delivery. 

Educational Apps 

Educational institutes all over the world have been forced to move towards online learning. The COVID-19 crisis has resulted in a boom for the online education industry.

While the online educational software and app industry is helping to deal with the present emergency, it’s also making the world ready for the future. So, you can greatly benefit by building a reliable education platform.

Medical Delivery

At present, the pharmaceutical industries are playing an important role in the market. People who are quarantined find it hard to go to the medical stores.

Not just those who are affected by this virus, however, other people also who are dealing with some major or minor health problems find it difficult to get medicines.

Thus, it is the responsibility of the pharmacies to contribute to this fight. With the software development company on your end, you can start an online medicine delivery business within some weeks. 

Online Classes and Courses 

Nowadays, since many people are free, they try to educate themselves by leveling up their cooking skills or learning a new language. So, online tutoring platforms are being used increasingly.

So, if you are considering where to invest your money during this crisis, then you can build an educational software or app. 

Streaming Services 

With many people not working or at home, many children on vacations, many on leaves- home entertainment demand has increased heavily.

The demand has greatly increased for streaming services like Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Netflix.

Seeing this demand, you can also invest in a streaming service as it can prove to be an excellent investment during this time of recession. 

Mobile Games 

Just like streaming services, video games have also seen a great demand. People, young and adults, are spending more and more time on mobile devices.

If you are looking for a reasonable way to invest your money during the recession, you can invest in creating a mobile game. They are not only cheap but take less time to build and are sure to earn you lots of profits. 

Video Conference Tools 

With remote working, the use of video conferencing tools has increased. With the COVID-19 outbreak, video conferencing apps like Zoom have experienced a great rise in their usage.

Though it can be a costly investment the potential profits are sure to cover them all. So, do discuss it with the Software Development Company about it. 

Online Studying and Work Platforms 

Though remote working has seen a great increase over the years, the COVID-19 crisis has forced many people and students to adopt it. Moreover, there is a possibility that it will continue around the world even after this pandemic is finished.

Thus, an increase in the rise for business work and communication platforms can be seen. These platforms enable the flexibility of the workforce and handle remote staff efficiently.

The same goes for remote studying platforms. Learning management systems are being used increasingly by the educational industry. Building any one of them can be a wonderful investment. 


The online marketplace has seen a great profit since the beginning of this outbreak. If you are. A physical store’s owner, you can invest your money in website development.

And if you already possess a website, you can invest in upgrading it and be prepared for the increasing competition. 

News Outlets 

News outlets are another great business to invest in during this COVID-19 crisis. People want to keep updated with the current situations and for this, a news aggregator can be a great option.

It will neither cost you a lot to build such a platform nor take a lot of time. Moreover, it will get you high returns on your investments. 


This is a tough time for the whole business world. Though there are no definite practices to deal with this pandemic, the list of the above-mentioned ideas can assist you to flourish as a leader.

In addition, you should understand that this idea of online marketplaces comes with a wonderful futuristic approach. So, whether you’re already running an online business or plan to invest in one, join the revolution and go online. 

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