How to Grow an OnlyFans in 2023

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With a growth rate surpassing 70% per month, OnlyFans is arguably one of the most popular and rapidly growing social media platforms right now. There are numerous reports of attractive female creators on the site earning serious money while thoroughly enjoying themselves, and their male counterparts are starting to catch up.

The top content creators easily make up to 6 figures a month with some raking in millions. But to get here, they had to start somewhere, and this is what we are going to explore.

Below, we have collated some expert tips for starting and growing your OnlyFans account to help get you on the right path. Who knows, with a little bit of time, effort, and patience, you might soon find yourself earning the big bucks and pursuing the lavish lifestyle you’ve always aspired to.

Growing your OnlyFans profile

  1. i) Get to know yourself

When setting up your profile, you need to know and properly plan for the type of content you will be posting. Doing a quick check through the various accounts on the platform, you’ll find that most of them have specialized in specific niches that they post about. Whether it is cosplay, petite model, hot babe, or a nice mix of all of them, there are limitless content ideas to choose from.

  1. ii) Have a catchy bio

Your bio is one of the first things that your potential fans will see when they click on your profile, along with your cover and profile photo. Let your creativity and inner sexy shine while crafting your bio. Come up with something unique but also hot, short, and spicy that will get all your potential subscribers hot and bothered even before viewing a picture.

You can start by making a short introduction of yourself and then end with a kinky twist. Or you can go straight to promoting yourself and your talents as best as you can. If you find yourself struggling, you can always seek inspiration from other existing profiles.

iii) Promote yourself

Onlyfans promotion is the best way to get people to your account. After setting up your profile, you need a good promotion to put your profile out there and ensure that as many people as possible know about it.

There are many ways of promoting your OnlyFans profile. One of the cheapest and most effective ways is to promote others in exchange for them promoting you on social media. This way, everyone benefits without necessarily having to spend money on marketing.

Another option is to run paid ads. This involves paying a certain fee to have your profile pop up to users. There are many websites that can do this for you. You can also choose to work with influencers and bloggers who are willing to promote your profile for a fee. The more you put your profile out there and reach a wider audience, the higher your chances of increasing your income on OnlyFans.

Discounts and free-trials

Once your profile is up and running and you’ve started gaining some traction, you will need to set your monthly subscription price. The minimum subscription rate per month is $4.99 and the maximum subscription per month is $49.99 on OnlyFans.

As a new entrant, you should consider setting a price on the lower side. And based on your reputation, a rate ranging from $5-$15 is appropriate. With a subscriber base of at least 30-40 followers, this will be enough to earn you a decent paycheck.

Free trials and discounts are commonly used tricks for luring in more fans. By allowing them to test the waters first and giving them the opportunity to pay less if they are planning to subscribe for a minimum of a couple of months, you increase your chances of capturing many more followers that would have otherwise not subscribed.

This gives you the opportunity to get them hooked and craving for more. However, as you are still a business, make sure your free trials don’t exceed 30 days. Also, an ideal discount plan can include 20% for the first 3 months and 30-40% for 6 months.

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