Solved – “Missing a Temporary Folder” Error While Uploading Images on Godaddy Website Server

Are you still getting a “missing a temporary folder” error while uploading images/photos to any of your website on Godaddy or any other server? Do you want to know how to create a tmp file on a Godaddy server. If yes, then you need to follow few simple steps.


This post will tell you how to create a tmp folder and set a path in the php.ini file. In shared web hosting tmp folder is placed in default in public_html/ path. If you accidentally delete the tmp folder you may face a problem like Failed to upload images, session id not found or many other errors.


Follow few simple steps and you will get rid out of this problem in minutes.

Find the phpinfo.php on your website home directory, i.e. /home/uname/public_html/. If not found then create it and write the line.


<?php phpinfo(); ?>


2. Save the file and access in browser –


3. Now open the above URL and search for – “upload_tmp_dir” by pressing CTRL+F and paste.


4. If you find “novalue” infront of “upload_tmp_dir” then you need to create a tmp folder.


5. Now, create a folder name tmp in the root directory of WordPress or any website and give 777 accesses for FTP.


6. Create one more file in the root directory and name it “php.ini” and paste the below code.


upload_max_filesize = 16M
upload_tmp_dir = on
upload_tmp_dir = /home/uname/public_html/tmp


upload_tmp_dir = /home/uname/public_html/webdir/tmp – path where you created tmp folder.


7. Save php.ini file and kill all current processes.


Now you are free from “Missing a Temporary Folder” Error in WordPress. You can also use this for any other website you have.

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