21 Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Tools to Increase Your ROI

Conversion rate optimization is an aspect of content marketing which is often overlooked. Most website owners out there is more intent on driving traffic to their website, rather than focusing on converting the traffic into genuine leads. In order to do so, one needs to harness the power of CRO tools. Here are some of the best tools through which the process of conversion optimization can be mastered:

CRO Testing Tools

  1. Five Second Test

In a world where the conversion window between a casual visitor and a loyal customer has reduced down to five seconds, it is important to be on the top of your game. Using the Five Second Test tool, you can analyze a screenshot of your website and gain reports on how well your website can perform in the fast-paced digital world. It also tells you where you are going wrong and what you need to improve to achieve a better performance.


  1. Unbounce’s Dejargonator

Unbounce’s Dejargonator is one of the most effective tools for landing page optimization. The Dejargonator eliminates the overly hyped buzzwords that do not add any substance to your website. This tool can be used to make your website more user-friendly by separating unnecessary “marketing speak” from the core content.


  1. Readability Score

This is one of those CRO tools that helps enhance the user experience on your website by focusing on language and readability in general. In order to guide the target audience to do the desired action, your language should be easy to understand. The Readability Score checks the difficulty level of the content on the landing page of the website and gives you pointers on how to make it more effective and concise.


  1. Golden Ratio Typography Calculator

The overall look and feel of your website play an important role in the process of providing optimum user experience to your visitors. One of the most important elements as far as look and feel of your website is concerned, are the font and the overall typography of your content. This tool helps you to understand which font size, width, line-height and characters per line would suit your requirements the best.


CRO Analytics

  1. Google Tag Manager

This is a very effective conversion optimization tool as it tracks the forms, clicks, scrolls and other actions performed by visitors on your website. You can check the effectiveness of each action in accurate and concise ways owing to the fact that the tool presents each of these measures as entire events.


  1. Google Analytics – Experiments

Google Analytics is one of the most widely used tools for tracking conversion analytics on any website. However, another lesser known feature of Google Analytics is the ability to perform experiments on your website in order to gauge the effectiveness of any conversion metric that you want to explore.


  1. Kissmetrics

Is it not worth to know how much time a visitor spends on your website and which sort of activities and decisions are taken by him or her during their time there? Kissmetrics tracks down visitors and their activity on your website. By observing and tracking user behavior instead of conversion metric themselves, you might be able to make more profound changes to your conversion rate. The tool is available at the monthly charge of $120.


  1. Crazy Egg

Would you like to know the most effective area or button on your website through the number of clicks it receives or the degree of engagement it produces? Crazy Egg is very effective tool for designing and redesigning your web page according to the needs of customers. The monthly subscription for this CRO Tool starts from $9.


  1. Hotjar

Hotjar uses different analytics such as Heatmaps, Visitors Recordings, Form analytics and more in its “all-in-one” feature for conversion rate optimization. It is essentially a platform that one can use to keep a track of crucial conversion metrics.


  1. Lucky Orange

It is important to know the appealing features of your website, but it is even more important to know the other side of the coin. Lucky Orange provides you with the main reasons that are responsible for the decreasing the conversion rate on your website. Lucky Orange may be a very effective tool for the analysis and improvement of your website.


  1. Peek User Testing

This is one of the most effective CRO Tools, at least as far as reports on your website usage go. Peek User Testing provides a 5-minute long video of an actual person using your website. This video may give you an idea of the practical difficulties that your users might be facing on your website. The tool is freely available for your website optimization needs.


A/B testing/Landing Pages


  1. Visual Website Optimizer –Test Duration Calculator

Test duration calculator provides the ideal test time for A/B testing and Multivariate testing. In the case of A/B testing, the effectiveness of the different versions of the same page is compared on the basis of live traffic. On the other hand, as far as multivariate testing is concerned, the comparison is based on multiple variables and elements. Hence, knowing the ideal timing for the test is crucial for conversion rate optimization.


  1. Optimizely

Are you looking for the best platform to conduct A/B test and Multivariate test explained above? Your search comes to an end here. Optimizely is the best platform to conduct these tests and provide a better experience to the visitors of your website. The monthly subscription for the amazing tool starts at $ 999.


  1. Unbounce

Unbounce is an effective landing page optimization tool that can be used to craft the perfect landing page for your website. This tool can be used to build catchy web pages by conducting A/B tests conveniently. The monthly subscription for this CRO tool starts just at $49.


Miscellaneous CRO tools

  1. Qerz

Still confused about deciding your target audience or even understanding your target audience? Qerz is the solution for your confusion. This is the tool that helps you ask effective questions to the audience directly. This tool is available at a price of about $15 per month!


  1. SurveyMonkey

Customer feedback is very important in order to improve upon your content and website. SurveyMonkey helps you create your own surveys and get crucial feedback and suggestions from customers, which can ultimately help you design a powerful user experience on your website.


  1. Data Brain/Maximized  

This is one of the best CRO tools for evaluating the quality of traffic on your website and can be a powerful asset as far as website optimization is concerned. Traffic Quality Ratings, A/B Split Testing, CRO Tools and Crash Analytics are the specialties that this tool looks into as far as conversion metrics are concerned.


  1. BrowserStack

This optimization tool provides the litmus test for calculating the customizability of your website. It is a cross-browser tool which can help you understand how different users are interacting with your website across devices. It is available at just 29$ per month.


  1. Google Mobile-Friendly test

Nowadays, people access the internet through their mobile phones more often than through their PC or Laptops. Hence, it is crucial to ensure that your web page is equally effective on mobiles as well as on computers. Google Mobile-Friendly Test provides a testing platform for the mobile effectiveness of your website without any cost!


  1. Pingdom Website Speed Test

Visitors will stick to your website only if your website speed is fast enough. Your website needs to be as swift as possible to provide a joyous experience to your visitors. Pingdom Website Speed Test will provide you a speed score out of 100, at zero expense.


  1. WebPage Test

WebPage Test provides the speed score of your website just like Pingdom Website Speed Test does. In addition to that, it points out the areas and places where tweaking will lead to increased speed. This is also one of the free but effective CRO Tools out there.

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