3 Common Mistakes Made when Writing a Blog Post

On a survey, it was seen that two out of every three blog writer made mistake while writing a blog post. But in order to deliver the best blog to your website, you would prefer to get the best blog post possible. Therefore to achieve the goal, the first thing that you will have to do is to eliminate the mistake. But before eliminating the mistake you will have to analyze it and then take proper precaution to avoid it.

Mentioned below are some of those mistakes:

  • Avoid using extra adjectives to your content – It has been noticed that many writers use lots of adjectives to their content. Moreover, the unnecessary use of adjective has become a rule rather than the exception from the maximum of the writer. If you want to write a good blog, then try to avoid such type of things. The best thing to avoid this mistake is that never try to use such type of words or say a sentence until you have full command of it.
  • Stop thinking in mother tongue – You will find that most of the writer who does not have English as their mother tongue face problem in this circumstances. But if you want to write a blog which feels good while reading then you will have to think in English only, other than your mother tongue. Because when you translate a sentence from your mother tongue to English it has been noticing that there exists very peculiar formation of a sentence. Hence it is recommended to think in English only and then give the final shape to the blog without the need for translation. It is obvious that you will face lots of difficulties in the beginning but when you will be habituated by the regular use, and then you will receive the real benefit of it.
  • Not taking help from the Internet – Before you start writing the blog make sure that you have done proper research about the topic or it can be said that you must have proper knowledge about the topic. And one more thing is that you must Google in the geographical location for which the content is required. For an instance, if the production URL is in UK domain then you must take help from the Google.co.uk rather than taking help from the Google.co.in. The main merit of the country-specific research is not that it keeps you away from the contextual error but at the same time, it will also keep you informed about the latest and trendy way of writing of the blog for the targeted audience of that particular country. To rank your blog well, you should take help from keyword suggestion tools. It will definitely make your content keyword rich and SEO friendly.

There exist very famous quotes that practice makes a man perfect. This quote indicates that you don’t worry about the mistakes that you are making. But at the same time, you should make a certain preparation that will help you to transform your mistakes into perfection. Therefore in order to write an error-free blog just try to keep some of the points that are mentioned in the above points.

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Diana Ford is a digital marketing specialist, blogger and outreach specialist. She’s been working in online marketing for several years. The field of activity is content, social media and SEO topics.


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