5 Apps to Increase Your IQ – Android & iOS

IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient. IQ is the measurement of your intelligence. Your intelligence means the intellectual abilities like how you acquire the knowledge and use this knowledge in order to find solution of any particular problem in utmost time. It also tells about your problem solving structure and goal achieving method.

IQ is something that degrade with time and age. As being human, brain needs to be sharp in all the conditions so that you could make any decision precisely and correctly at any age. You must have seen that some people tend to forget the things at their older age. Some people take a lot of time to understand a problem while others understand in just a while. This all happens due to human intelligence. As IQ can never be the same. It always differs from person to person.

If you want to increase your IQ so that you could take your decision more precisely or want to train your brain then you have landed at the right place. Thanks to advanced technology that makes it possible for almost every person to check IQ and intelligence level. There are many apps available in market which helps us to increase IQ, test our IQ and to train your brain. You can train your brain with scientifically designed different training apps.

These apps will help you in increasing your intelligence, your goal achieving skills, focus and many other skills. You can use these apps anytime and anywhere in your smart phone as per your convenience. Let’s have a look at the apps.

1. Elevate

Elevate is one of the best brain training apps that can help you in improving intelligence level. This app is designed to improve focus, memory, processing speed and much more. You can pick the skills that you want to improve. You can receive new set of challenges every day to build the skills that you desired of.Elevate gives you the personalized training program that gives you the best results within three times a week training session. It focuses on practical language and maths skills including estimation, comparing value, reading and listening comprehension and more. Android users can download Elevate from Google Play Store and iPhone, iPod users can download it from Apple Play Store.

2. Lumosity

Lumosity is one of the best brain training apps that provide brain training games so that you could enjoy while exercising your metal muscles by playing amazing and beneficial games. This app is split into three different sessions that focuses on memory, attention, problem solving or flexibility in thinking and problem solving.

These games are played against the clock time so that you could improve yourself with time. You can create an account and can select the mental faculties that you want to improve.This app also allows you to customise daily routine exercise with mini games of particular skill. You can also track your score which helps you to motivate and to know how you are improving. It focuses on exercise including puzzle solving, pattern recognition, reflexes and more. This app is available for both Android and iOS users.   

3. Personal Zen

Personal Zen is one of the best apps that has been designed to reduce stress and anxiety by brain. This app allows you to focus on positive aspects and thus reduces stress. Anyone can play the games designed in this app and this will reduce the overall stress by playing game 15-20 minutes per day.In this app, you follow two animated characters. One of the characters looks calm and friendly while the other character looks rude and angry. The background is full of grass which gives the sign of natural beauty and helps in reducing stress level. With Personal Zen app you just focus on positivity and ignore the negativity. This app directs you to move from negative to positive. With positivity your brain will work more efficiently and quickly. Personal Zen is available for iPhone, iPod, iPad users. You can download it from Apple Play Store.

4. Brain Fits

Brain Fits is one of the best apps to increase your IQ level. Brain Fits has been developed to improve your mental performance by a series of brain games that you can choose accordingly with the area of interest that you want to improve in yourself. You can enhance your brain speed, memory, focus by different brain training, brain games and brain exercises that always challenge your brain for better performance. You can easily strengthen your weak areas with this great app.

After each level of game you may see the difficulty in upcoming levels in order to give challenge to your brain workout. It will keep you motivated and on track. Brain Fits provides tools to track your progress throughout the training session. They are beneficial and fun for your brain health.

This app also allows you to create a free account and start free training. To unlock all the games, you need to pay the monthly subscription fee. You can also get a lifetime subscription. Download Brain Fits on iTunesGoogle Play or FitBrains.com.

5. Brain Workshop

Brain Workshop is aimed to improve speed so that you can understand and process fast. You must be able to take decisions and understanding of problems fast and efficiently even at older age also. Brain Workshop has been designed to improve short-term memory and fluid  intelligence. This app is also called Dual N Back game which keeps track of two unrelated sequence of events at once.

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