5 Free Software To View, Edit & Remove EXIF Data From Photos

Whenever you click photos from your Smartphones, Tablets, Digital Camera, HandyCam, etc. these devices stores your personal information such as creation date & time, Camera Information (Camera maker, camera model, F-stop, exposure time, ISO Speed, etc.), GPS(Longitude, Latitude, Altitude, etc.), sensing mode, metering mode, name of program used to edit image etc. with photos. These additional information are known as EXIF Data of Metadata of images.

Do These EXIF Data Helps?

EXIF data of photos are very helpful. In general, they are used to sort, filter images from a bulk of images based on their EXIF properties. For advanced purposes, these EXIT/Metadata properties of photos can help in tracing the location from where the photo shot, identifying device from which photos were taken.

Recently, we have introduced a comprehensive tutorial to find lost digital camera where EXIF data has played an important role.

Why You Might Want To Remove This EXIF Data?

As I told above, EXIF data contains your personal information too. Lets say, you have shot an image at your home that you are going to post online, you might not want people to know where you live in by reading the photo’s EXIF data. You might not want people to get know from which device you have taken your photos or what trick you have used to click photos.

Also, one major reason is “bandwidth”.  As EXIF data adds a lot of additional information with your photos so, it obviously increases photo’s size. Removing EXIF data will certainly reduce your photos’ size.

Free Tools To View, Edit and Remove EXIF Data From Images

Today I am sharing some free tools that will not only help you to view EXIF properties of an image but also allow you to edit/remove those Metadata which are already in.

1. Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer is itself a very powerful tool to view/remove EXIF data of images. To view EXIF data of an image using windows explorer, just right-click on the image, from the right-click context menu, select properties and navigate to “Details” tab.To remove EXIF data, select single or multiple images having same EXIF data, navigate to “Details” tab. Click Remove Properties and Personal Information. Now, on the next window screen, you can selectively choose to remove those EXIF information from images that you want to.

2. FileMind QuickFix

FileMind QuickFix (aka Metability QuickFix) is another great software tool to remove EXIT data from photos. It is small software so no more room to work here. Just that, this software will remove all personal information such as  Exif, Iptc and XMP data from your photos to protect your privacy. While removing these Metadata from photos, FileMind QuickFix automatically creates backup copies of your original files.

3. PhotoME

PhotoME is another free software that lets you to view EXIF data and other personal details of an image. Not only this, PhotoME also allows you to edit/modify available Metadata properties and remove unwanted personal information from any image. It is very easy to use tool to analyse and modify Exif and IPTC-NAA data as well as analyse ICC profiles.

4. Exif Pilot

Exif Pilot is another free Exif editor that allows you to view, edit or remove EXIF, EXIF GPS, IPTC and XMP Data. You can edit some marknote tags, add new tags, import EXIF and IPTC data from XML, MS-Excel and Text files and export your photos’ metadata to XMP files. One of the best too to edit metadata for photographers.

5. Opanda PowerExif Editor

Opanda PowerExif Editor is a professional Exif editor tool. As the best assistant to edit & modify images information for photographers, image pickers, PowerExif allows to edit & modify all Exif data freely. Not only you could manage and record photographic data and GPS data of images, but also you could keep maximum 60,000 characters as multi-language code in images.

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