Best 5 Examples of Background Video for Web Design Inspirations


In the world where everything turns digital, a website is a crucial, must-have tool for your marketing campaigns.

No matter what industry belongs to, whether real estate, healthcare, or marketing, your website is more likely to be the first place that your potential customers will visit when they interested in your brand. 

Therefore, it’s safe to say that your website is the prime hub for your online marketing activities. It can act as your online brochure or catalog that can welcome and convince the visitors 24/7.

The more attractive a website, the higher your chances are that they will stay a little longer. And by staying longer, they can get more convinced in purchasing a product or service from your brand.

You can use background videos to make your website stand out and compelling. Here are some stunning examples of background video for website design inspirations:

1. AlaskaTours

Alaska Tour is a website that offers you with Alaska vacation planning. The background video plays automatically with slow motion on their homepage.

From northern lights to calving glacier scenes, it gives the visitors a sight of beautiful landmarks they can visit using the service.

You might’ve noticed that background video can effectively create a sense of excitement or vibe from this website. The scenes set an uplifting and relieving mood for the site, convincing the visitors to come to Alaska as soon as possible. 

You can learn here that you don’t always have to use background music for the background video. Even the simple slow-motion scenes with HD resolution will do.

2. Lyft – Cities Talk Back

Lyft is a ride-sharing app that has many immigrants as their drivers. To represent the value, the company created a Cities Talk Back platform to share stories from the Lyft driver communities in the U.S.

The page showcases portraits of drivers with classic American colors. As the user scrolls, the portraits will zoom out and resolve it into the U.S. flag. They can seamlessly click on a portrait to read the story.

This such design isn’t only captivating and creating a memorable moving experience; it’s also informing visitors that the company value every drivers’ family, background, and stories, too.

3. Ark Shelter

Ark Shelter is a website where architects come together to offer you self-sustaining shelters.

Since the industry that they’re in requires visual content to illustrate the descriptions and concepts, the company uses a moving image on its homepage.

As soon as you land on the website, you’ll be welcomed with a shoot of the facade of a peaceful shelter to take you away to your dream location.

The videos can be played on both desktop and handheld devices like smartphones or tablets.

So, every visitor can enjoy the visuals and reconnect with nature and reconnect with themselves, too, through the impactful background video.

4. Fabian Ferdinand Fallend

Fabian Ferdinand Fallen is a professional photographer that showcases its works on his website. On the website, he doesn’t only upload the pictures he took but also makes it much more exciting to see.

What makes the website much more compelling is that the background video with nice detail and scrolling mechanics gives a bold type and creative personality.

It gives the visitors a more solid grasp on what kind of pictures that the photographer took.

The website allows visitors to uncover the best design and photography inspiration. This portfolio site becomes a fascinating insight into how the artwork should be for anyone thinking about photography and videography.

5. Poolside FM

Poolside FM is a radio-like website that mostly plays an infinity pool of summer tracks. The concept of the website is pretty unique. It looks like an Apple desktop from the late ’90s. 

A background video shows tongue-in-check ’80s and ’90s clips complete with a non-stop low-fi soundtrack, recreating an old-school desktop in your browser window.

The background video plays on autoplay to get the summer vibe with a care-free nostalgic feeling right after they click on their site.

This such fresh look with retro visuals and a customizable unique color palate can obviously attract visitors and take them on an 80’s virtual summer vacation.

Wrapping Up: Design Your Website Prettier Today!

Including background video footage on your website or home page can help you catch the visitor’s eyeballs. It’s almost impossible to ignore it as it is moving and so eye-catching if it is done right.

More than that, though, background videos can also make your website look modern and create a sense of artistry that a stale, simple static background can’t even afford to.

Of course, your website background video doesn’t have to be fancy and Oscar-worthy. You can simply use the footage that paints a vivid visual representation of what the visitors can expect to experience from your brand. 

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