Top B2C Marketing Trends You Should Focus in 2020

b2c marketing trends

The business marketing strategies of organizations like commercial businesses, governments, and institutions to increase the sales of their products and services are known as B2C marketing strategies.

Some essential benefits of B2C marketing strategies for the businessmen are that these marketing strategies enhance the customer services, these marketing strategies increase the growth of the business, these marketing strategies provide the best business administration model and these business marketing strategies enhance the collaboration among the businessmen and customers.

As a businessman, you should try to focus on the latest B2C marketing trends. Here, we will discuss top B2C marketing trends that you should focus on in 2020.

Predictive Marketing:

As we know that we are living in the world of data abundance and before buying anything, customers try to get data from various channels. They also try to consume the data in an unstructured manner. Therefore, it is quite difficult for businessmen to know the buying behavior of the customers. Under such a situation, predictive marketing is helpful for us.

With the help of predictive marketing, it is possible for us to understand the unstructured interactions of the customers and to anticipate the results accordingly.

That’s why lots of predictive marketing analytics platforms are also available. It is also estimated that till the end of 2022, the size of the predictive analytics may be reached up to $10.95B. Some essential uses of predictive marketing may be to identify the purchasing behavior of the customers and much more.

Smart Bidding:

In 2019, the advertising revenue of Google was $103.73B and the advertising revenue of Facebook was $67.37B. In 2020, both of these channels are trying to provide smart bidding channels for the advertisers.

Its reason is that by providing the best and smart bidding channels, Google and Facebook both will be able to solve the problems of the advertisers. With the help of smart bidding options, Facebook and Google are also providing lots of bidding options for the advertisers.

It means that users can easily automate the bidding process either by following CPA, ROAC or CPC marketing campaigns. Moreover, these platforms are also providing an opportunity to the marketers that they can add this marketing strategy at the individual level, portfolio level or group level.

As an advertiser, we should try to take an overview of the bidding campaigns of these advertising platforms and try to select the best platform.

Shoppable Posts:

This kind of marketing strategy was introduced almost two years ago and has been followed by most of the business like coursework writing services. In 2020, we will observe that this kind of marketing strategy will be at the top. Its reason is that with the help of this marketing strategy, we can integrate apps for maximum results.

As we know that the number of social media users is increasing day by day and most of the social media users are also following the brands.

According to Instagram, more than 90% of Instagram users are following different kinds of brands. If you are uploading shopping posts on your pages and profiles, millions of customers will see these posts and lots of people try to shop your products by clicking on the link.

As a result, conversion rates of your social media posts will be boosted up and you will also be able to increase the sales of your products and services. Moreover, you can also run ads on these social media sites. By running advertising campaigns, you will be able to increase the reach of your posts.

SEO Structured Data:

As we know that Google makes changes in its algorithms regularly. Therefore, if you are focusing on organic traffic, you will have to know these changes. In the past, the people could rank their websites just by following some basic strategies.

Nowadays, it is hard for us to get a better ranking on Google. Its reason is that Google algorithms are using AI to access the validity of a website.

Therefore, we have to do hard work to get a higher rank in Google. Nowadays, Google snippets is another update of Google.

Due to this update, the CTR of websites has been decreased. Its reason is that with the help of this update, Google shows the content of a specific website at the top of the page and most of the visitors try to click on this link.

Therefore, if you want to enhance the traffic of your website by using this SEO strategy, you will have to keep in mind this SEO trend. You should try to create such content which will be helpful for Google to add your website in the Google snippets.

You can easily create this kind of content just by adding headlines in your content.

More Interactive Email Experience:

In 2019, to add different elements in the email was on the trend. Its reason was that these elements provide an attractive look to the emails. In 2020, search engines and other online forums are focusing on the AMP style.

Therefore, this trend in marketing will also be changed. Now, if you want to create attractive emails for your customers, you will have to add plain text rather than other visual elements. For this reason, marketers have to keep in mind the intent of the buyers.

More than 91% of the buyers are also looking for such emails that contain plain text. Anyhow, to make your email marketing strategy more attractive and interesting for the buyers, you can add some other elements like polls, quizzes, and surveys.

Moreover, the content of your email marketing campaign should also be engaging and interactive for the buyers. 

Along with these marketing trends, marketers should also try to focus on some other trends. For example, they should not market their products and services on a single social media platform. Its reason is that different people are using different social media platforms.

They should also try to optimize their marketing campaigns.

They should also try to focus on the voice search because till the end of 2020, more than 50% of the searches will be done by voice search.

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