Top 10 Garry’s Mod Player Models


Let’s talk about Garry’s Mod. Ohh! when the name Garry Mod comes, the first thing clicked in the mind is Garry’s Mod Player Models.

The best thing I found in Garry’s Mod, you are what you look like. So make yourself the coolest person in the game and check out these top 10 coolest Garry’s mod player models that you should get your hands on!

Daedric or Daedric armor

Daedric or Daedric armor is a unique set of heavy armor in the Elder Scroll game series. It has the most powerful armor rating and looks wicked with its spikes and blood-red glow.

The armor set includes five pieces: a helmet, boots, gauntlets, a cuirass and greaves, and an optional shield.

A weapon set of the same name is also possible. This player model glows faint red and looks quite scary in the dark.

Winter Soldier

No doubt, Capt. America is cool, but the Winter Soldier kicked his arse in the last film until the last minutes of course. Winter Soldier movie Costume comes from MarvelHeroes 2015.

It comes with Playermodel (with view hands), Npc, and crud ton of body group features. Pair that outstanding backstory with his sinfully slick look and his unkempt hair and you got one cool character.

Master Chef:

Halo’s most common and popular icon and hero of all: Master Chef. It is ported by someone who took great effort to formulate his username; this particular model was ported from Halo 4 and can be used on NPCs, Ragdolls, and players.

One of the most common and most accepted player models in Steam.

Batman Arkham Knight

This is almost everyone’s favorite hero – Batman is now even cooler than before! From the dystopian world of Gotham city, Batman encountered a myriad of strong foes.

And to beat them, the beloved dark knight outfitted a more bad-ass suit: and there the Arkham Knight rises!

The Batman Arkham Knight model can be used by players and NPCs/ ragdolls alike. Become the coolest sci-fi Batman ever!


A bad-ass hero outfitted with enormous firepower from the Batman Universe. Also recognized as Slade, DeathStroke is a punk-ass supervillain with a cool personality and an astonishing backstory.

Half of his mask is embraced in black to showcase his impaired vision, and thus building a cool personality. This PlayerModel features a removable mask and optimized skin.


This model is one of the most beloved ones among users. The TRON Anon model is well described up close and features ViewModel arms, colorable stripes, and 2 body groups.

Lich King

Lich King is the ultimate boss of the Icecrown Citadel in the World of Warcraft (WoW) game. This comes with lots of characters in the Warcraft franchise.

Lich King considered an overall cool semi-cartoony looking player model that suits very well with any cartoonish and non-cartoonish models.

Red Hood

Converted and reduced by username TrueBobert, Red Hood developed in Batman Arkham Knight as a character with an iconic crimson hood and mask. It is developed by TruBobert, the Red Hood is available as a player model and NPC Model.

Dead Space 3: Isaac EVA Suit

This is a strong-willed space engineer who has landed in Garry’s mod! Now you can play as Isaac Clarke equipped with his own EVA suit! Isaac Eva Suit features optimized textures and ViewModel hands best for the player.

Darksider 2: Death

Now you can use Death to wreak destruction in your favorite Garry’s Mod map. The Death player model can be practiced by NPCs and ragdolls as well.

One of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, and the protagonist of the game Darksiders II, Death defeated the Nephilims and earned the title Kinslayer and restored humanity through dozens of epic battles!

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