5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is the Need for All Businesses

I imagine. It happens.

We live in an era where there is a blurred line between imagination and reality. With concepts like AR, VR and AI ruling the digital world, imagination seems like an extinct concept.  There is an on-going debate on how it is becoming difficult to differentiate imagination from reality. At times, the virtual world seems so real, that it scares you. I do not know about anyone of you, but it gives me goosebumps at times. From art galleries to classrooms, VR is providing a unique experience to many individuals, if not all. Recently, I came across a video on my newsfeed that was shot inside an art gallery in Japan. The unique thing about this art gallery was that it blurred the lines between the art and reality. The visitors felt as if they were a part of the art. If the advanced technology allowed me to travel to that gallery through the screen, I would have. I suppose we are not far from experiencing this as well. Imagine if it actually happens, online shopping will become easier. I mean all I would have to do is pay the monthly charges for my Optimum Packages on time (which I usually do not), visit my favorite’s brand website, pay and grab anything I like through the screen. Even the thought of a world like that is getting me excited.

Anyhow, I guess I have drifted away from the digital world and its importance (which is the topic of my blog today) and indulged more into the imaginary world. Without wasting more time, I will now tell you, people, why digital marketing is so important in today’s age.

Less cost:

The traditional marketing included running ads on televisions, getting them printed on magazines and billboards. If that were not sufficient, as would be aired on FMs. All of this cost the companies a lot. This does not imply that digital marketing is free of cost but it is a lot cheaper than the old marketing tactics. Digital marketing employs targeted research to determine which approaches are working well for the company/brand and which are not. The latter are the ones you stop spending your cost and resources on. Hence, the majority of the digital marketing channels prevent you from overspending on campaigns that are underperforming.

Easy Accessibility:

Almost everyone owns a smartphone and has access to the social media apps. An average person checks his/her social media apps 17 times in a day, according to statistics. In fact, today’s generation spends more time browsing the internet, switching between different apps then they spend watching television. Under such circumstances, if your company/brand comes up with advertisements or videos to advertise on the social media, more people will view them and it will prove to be more fruitful for you. Creating an app for your company will make it even easier for your customers to reach out to you and talk to you.


Digital marketing enables you to be in direct contact with your existing and potential customers. This happens through the comments that the customers post on your website or the messages that they can send to you on your website. Apart from that, the social media posts that your company keeps updating on its site along with reviews from existing customers, adds to the interactivity between you and your viewers. Hence, digital marketing provides an interactive platform that is very important to build long-lasting relationships with your customers. This continuous interactivity will eventually translate into brand loyalty.

Earns you more sales:

According to research, 70% of the brands or companies relying on business-to-customer marketing have acquired customers through Facebook. Naturally, when you stay before your customers’ eyes most of the time, they tend to make purchases from you. This is because of social media aids in increasing the brand presence. Apart from that, social media marketing also affects the customers’ buying decision by enabling them to ask questions and make use of the various promotional codes and offers that the company incentivizes them with.

It’s all fun and games!

I am sure you have come across the saying: ‘Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life.’ Social media marketing allows you to just that. Posting videos on snapchat, interacting with people on Twitter, coming up with a unique caption for the latest Instagram post wake up the creative side of yours. And if any of the posts or videos go viral, you feel no less than a rock star.

However, that does not imply that you do not have to put in hard work if you are a digital marketer. The job has its own set of responsibilities and challenges. But if you think you are good with interacting with people and can come up with various ways to keep them engaged and interact with them, opt for digital marketing. I appreciate brands/companies who give importance to interaction with their customers and have customer support centers to help them in case of need. I recently got to experience what courteous customer support representatives are like with Optimum Customer Support when I contacted them as my internet was posing a problem. The representative was patient with me and guided me so well. That is exactly how the digital marketers are supposed to interact with their customers.

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