5 Most Expensive Nintendo Games of their Time

nintendo games

Video game carts have been in the collection of everyone. Because of its interesting playing feature, everyone is willing to play for the very rare cart system.

Talking about video game no one can forget the popular yet valuable Nintendo games. The game had three versions-Super Mario Bros, Rad Racer, and Tetris within a six-minute time limit. Also, the game held a competition on college campuses and at spring break destination.

In 1990, the Gold edition world championship was the most expensive video game ever that had sold in the second-hand market.

Why Nintendo is a high-value game?

The value of Nintendo consists of various factors like – number of copies that exist, its demand, playing features, the price of the game, it’s packing etc. Having the original set of Nintendo video games these days would surely give a high selling rate. Though its collection is a costly hobby, people who love to play would spend a great amount without even thinking for a moment.

Some other high valuable Nintendo games are


1. Earthbound-SNES


Earthbound has largely retained its value because of its availability on Wii U and SNES classic.

Its battles, enemies, bosses, music, designs, character, makes this game great. Its cart only version is not too costly, but a complete packing with hint book will surely pay a handsome amount for the SNES original. Its character has always something interesting to say. The game had taken the classic RPG formula that adds a unique twist to the game. This game is also considered as one of the best RPGs in game history.


2. Conker’s Bad Fur Day


This game is a part of the Conker series. The game follows the story of Conker- the squirrel, a greedy, heavy-drinking red squirrel who must return home to his girlfriend. It is funniest, unique, and one of the greatest games.

The game is highlighted because of its characters shifting, refreshing, and remain exciting. The journey with the game will take you to the massive level of interconnected levels. The game rolls from one thing to another seamlessly. The gameplay is of approx 15 hours and every minute proves to be full of entertainment.


3. Bonk’s Adventure-NES


Bonk adventure was the flagship product of TurboGrafx-16 and only later saw a port to the NES. The game has stunning graphics, an excellent character designed with reasonably well-coordinated movements.

Bonk is a hard-headed cave child who defeats his enemies by hitting with his head. He uses his teeth to climb up the cliff walls. He easily swallows hard items that empower him temporarily and incrementally.


4. Atlantis


Atlantis was a pretty popular game of 1992. The game roles by defending themselves from the overhead attack of enemy ships. the games support have today become the most influential storyteller for children today. The use of video games is an educational medium that continues to entail the issue of deep concern.


5. Cheetahmen2



The game was introduced in 1991 as part of Action 52 multigame cartridge for the NES. The character named Apollo has always been locked in a bitter and hard struggle against Dr. Morbis. The play starts with Apollo for the first two-level, thereafter plays as Aeries for the next two levels, and uses Hercules for the other two levels.

The original game cart is for thousands of dollars and apparently designed with more levels.

Selling these games will be considered as a huge profit. If the games are not shabby or having it with carts it gives a good hit to your money.

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