Free Google Advertising Tips for Increased Conversions

In recent years, Pay Per Click programs by Google Ads are increasingly popular. It offers small businesses a chance to promote on the platform like the big players do. The success of PPC campaign depends upon your effort and not your budget. Remember, PPC is not a simple option to get customers and make money. At present, the competition is very stiff and when you want to make profit you have to test and improve your campaigns for better effect.

In terms of search engine advertising, Bing Ads and Google Ads are in the leading position. If you have plans to make use of Google Ads for your business, you should first have a better understanding of Google Ads.

Reasons why Google Ads are highly preferred than other online advertisements:

  • Google is the most used and leading search engine
  • The flexibility and scalability of Google Ads
  • Person looking for products or services on Google will easily come across the ad than finding on social media
  • Great support, tons of features and regular updatesHere are few smart tricks that can increase conversions of your Google Ads campaign:

    1.Do not ignore the association between Ad copy and landing page:

    It is one of the most important things you should focus on when you are utilizing Google Ads campaign. Most people do not know their ad value and fail to produce attractive ad content. Remember, the ad should be appealing. Most of the Google Ads have been posted just to serve as an advertisement. It is important to understand the emotions of the customers and develop ad contents by stepping in their shoes. It is common to see a lot of boring ads which we report the ads for lack of glint. If you wish to stand ahead of your competitors, you have to create customized ads. It is possible to accomplish this through the following tips:

    • Show statistics: It is recommended to include stats and number in your copy and headlines. It develops trust and makes the ad more attractive to the users.
    • Emotional touch: It is the best option to engage your audience. Emotions affect almost all people. When you add emotions to the advertisements, it lets people connect and notice.
    • Reviews and ad extensions: When your ad is more detailed and clear, it gets high chances of being clicked. Reviews about business develop trust and it helps people to see about what others comment about your work. Ad extensions help in a great way where you can list entire details about your business. For example, if a potential customer sees two ads, they will click the ad with more extensions.

    2. Use Negative keywords and exclusions:

    This is a professional tip and should definitely be executed. When it comes to ad optimization, Google offers a lot of features and freedom to run ads as you like. It is necessary to use exclusions and placement wisely to see development in your ad performance. Negative keywords are keywords that we would not wish our ads to appear for. Just like keywords, it is possible to decide and set negative keywords for your ads. It is recommended to include unrelated search terms under negative keywords section so as to stop showing for irrelevant phrases.

    Tip: When you are creating Google Ads, ensure to add few negative keywords anywhere applicable.

    3. Target mobile users:

    It is well known that mobile browsing traffic is growing vastly especially in the last ten years.  The number will increase year after year since most of the people use smartphones to browse the internet. As an advertiser, you have to make use of this opportunity and remain updated. Google is smart enough to deliver ads for mobile. Meaning, it will show ads on mobile devices when potential customers search using appropriate or relevant keywords. There are certain ads like App Promotion Ads and Call-Only Ads that are particularly designed to target mobile users.


    • The landing page of your ads should be mobile friendly. It should let the users to easily view the website on their mobile phone.
    • You will not have much space to showcase your ads on a mobile browser. So, ensure to display important information on the first line.
    • Make use of call bid adjustments so as to drive calls to business.
    • Track both offline and online mobile conversions since mobile engagement happens even in offline mode.

    4. Give importance to your landing page:

    Most people fail to give attention to the landing page. They would just add some texts and images and feel that is sufficient. It is necessary to utilize above the fold area of landing page.


    • Include a call to action button and catchy lines above the fold section.
    • Do not miss to perform A/B tests to determine which version is producing more revenue.
    • The landing page contents should be catchy, conversion-oriented, compact and concise.
    • Include trusted seals and client testimonials to make the landing page appear trustworthy.

    If you do not take these steps, it is hard to enhance the conversion rate.

    5. Do not forget remarketing:

    Remarketing is one of the most powerful weapons for advertisers. It is important to utilize to its maximum potential. We all know well that remarketing is the method of re-engaging visitors who have once visited the website but did not make any purchase. When the visitor takes some action, it will be considered as conversion. You can remarket for lead signup, ebook download or product purchase. In simple words, remarketing lets you to refocus visitors who have previously expressed attention in your business website and thus it gives huge conversions and returns.


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