What Do SEO’s Do When Google Removes Organic Search Traffic?

A website without traffic is like a tourist stop without visitors.  In the age of Digital Marketing, the quality of a website is often considered a way to evaluate an organization’s quality. Besides ensuring a company’s presence on the Internet, a website’s purpose is to generate traffic and connect with prospective clients to a business online. The traffic generated is categorized into several categories such as organic, direct, social media. Organic traffic is believed to be the largest contributor with over 70 percent of traffic accounting as organic.

Organic traffic refers to the traffic/visitors that land on a website through search engine results and are unpaid. In order to generate this type of traffic one must use keywords in one’s website content, keyboards that the prospective client might use while searching on the internet, this process is called Search Engine Optimization. What would happen to businesses, if Google would remove organic search?

In order to compensate for the loss of the largest traffic generation tool, Best SEO India would be expected to make the most out of other ways of traffic generation:-

  • Effective use of Social Media:

The traffic generated from social media such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc.  Social media traffic can be tough to generate in initial stages, but with long-term interests in mind, it can be considered amongst the most effective ways to increase traffic. The presence of people on social media is huge and with the options to engage with a certain age group from a location of your choice makes it easier to reach out for your desired audience, just make sure your content/post is entertaining and informative.

  • Referral Traffic:

This refers to the traffic generated from other websites via an external link. One of the best ways to increase this kind of traffic is active participation on Q&A sites, such as Yahoo Answers and Quora, answering questions in your field of expertise, replying to comments from your company account and embedding your websites link in your answers is easy but effective way to increase your reach and interacting with people who have shown interest in your line of work and knowledge, addressing their queries and acknowledging of both positive sable.

  • Video Marketing Campaigns:

As the saying goes, “there’s no better way of marketing than video marketing”. Good Videos are the best way of marketing as it takes your idea to your potential clients in a visual form. Well, it is easier said than done, but if certain things are kept in mind and with a little effort from the team and advice of professionals, a thought-provoking video can be made. While making a marketing video one must ensure to be clear about the topic, precise about content and come up with an approach that helps connect better with the audience and cleverly marketed. YouTube is one such site with a global outreach, where ads not only make millions but take your idea to billions of viewers logging in every day.

  • Influencer Marketing:

It refers to the people who command great influence among large audiences and their presence receives immense attention. Influencers can be celebrities, sports persons, trendsetters or bloggers/vloggers working in Q&A or video content sites.  Finding influencers who are regular and actively engage with their followers and have a high post reach can be a quick way to increase traffic on your website and your company’s reputation as a whole. A single tweet or a mention in their answers can positively or negatively affect a company’s name so good relation with influencer’s is advisable.

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