Why is YouTube the most favorite Video hosting platform in the world?

YouTube is considered the best video hosting platform in the world. In fact, it is the most popular video hosting platform as compared to other platforms available in the market. If you see the statistics you will find that YouTube has more than 1.5 billion active users in every month. This is the reason; companies working in different domains as well as television channels and serial production houses are using YouTube as strategy for marketing and promotion.

Popularity of YouTube has even more increased since the day Google which is world’s most popular search engine has owned it. Unlike other video hosting platform, in addition to uploading videos, YouTube also allows the user to add a comment on each and every video and user can free YouTube subscribers very easily.


Reasons behind the popularity of YouTube

There are many reasons why YouTube has become so popular today and some of the obvious reasons YouTube subscribe are pointed out as follows:

  • Saving money with free Video Hosting:

Hosting videos on own video hosting video server means you require a lot of money to invest. YouTube is free Video Hosting provider. You can better save a lot of money by uploading 1000 free YouTube subscribers and earn money by adding ads with your channel by using YouTube Adsense services by Google.

  • Easy to use:

Unlike other video hosting platform available in the market YouTube provides a very easy way to upload and manage any kind of videos, no matter whether it is commercial video, personal video or other types of video. People always prefer to choose the easier platform to upload and manage a video and YouTube is best in that terms.

  • A number of videos can be uploaded with unlimited length and size:

One best thing about YouTube is that you can upload an unlimited number of videos on YouTube While the other video hosting platform does not allow you to upload unlimited videos. Apart from that YouTube also allows you to upload a video of any size and length. Even a full movie can be uploaded on the YouTube with the HD quality screen resolution. Currently, you can upload a YouTube video of 2GB size. This is not possible with other video hosting platform available in the market. This is the main reason why most companies along with production houses and TV channels also use YouTube for hosting their videos to get subscribers on YouTube.        

  • Submitting comment and Feedback:

Another essential thing for which YouTube today has become the most favorite video hosting platform today is that it allows the audience to provide their valuable comment, feedback, and suggestions about the video that are uploaded on YouTube platform. Thus, with the YouTube video, a company can directly get in touch with its potential customers and audiences. When an audience or any viewers of a YouTube video put any comment on YouTube, those comments are automatically mailed to the company or account holder of the YouTube. As such it allows the company to have a direct connection with their customer. Apart from that, there is another advantage that YouTube provides that is the user can delete the comment at any point of time whenever the needs.

  • Easy navigation:

One of the most vital reasons behind the popularity of YouTube video hosting platform is that it can be navigated easily. You can search a YouTube video in any search engine by searching by typing a keyword or by the topic. You can also find out the YouTube video by scanning the list of most popular videos. If a user like YouTube video and feels to watch it again and again, then they can get subscribers of YouTube for free and once they subscribe the YouTube video they will no longer be required to search the particular video in Google search engine for the best and popular videos.       

  • Support various video format:

Unlike other video hosting platform that is available in the market, YouTube supports various file formats for any video that has to be uploaded on the YouTube. The various types of video format that are supported by YouTube are WMV (Windows Media Video), AVI (Audio Video Interleave), MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor: QuickTime Multimedia), MPG and many other file formats. If you choose other video hosting platform you will not be able to get such variety of file support for displaying your video. As such it is always better to buy real YouTube subscribers than to go for other video hosting platform. It is indeed highly beneficial as you never know which file format your customer has and if your YouTube video runs on any format more and more customer will be able to watch your video.

  • Multiple browser support:

The most important point why YouTube is the most popular video hosting platform in the world is because of its multiple browser support. Adobe flash player is mainly used in YouTube video hosting platform. Adobe Flash player is supported by all modern web browsers that include Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera Mini, etc.

  • YouTube is available as app:

The last but not the least benefit is YouTube is available as a mobile app on Google Play Store for Android users as well as on Apple Play store for iPhone Users. Since in today’s era, everyone likes to use an app for every service. Apps are the best way to stay connected with users and customers. Since YouTube is available on every Smartphone as a default app, it is best to use it as a video hosting provider and reach up to a huge target audience.

Avail the best video hosting platform in the world and upload unlimited YouTube videos for free. All the best!

Author Bio – I’m currently working as Content Manager with YTBPals. I have a great passion for digital marketing and I help small and medium-sized businesses improve their online presence and grow their revenue by formulating effective digital marketing strategies to get free YouTube subscribers for them. Apart from Digital Marketing, I have a keen interest in Entrepreneurship, Online Brand Management, Tech Consultancy, etc.

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