Originally, was established as part of the Gawker Media network, run by Nick Denton. The portal operates on the Kinja platform. The portal also carries the subsite io9, concentrates on science fiction and futurism. Now, Gizmodo is a part of G/O Media, held by private equity firm Great Hill Partners.

What is Gizmodo?

Gizmodo is a popular platform in the US for presenting news and opinions regarding gadgets, technology, science, environmental news, entertainment, and culture.  The company’s portal is featured with reviews of the latest phones, TVs, laptops, shows, and movies.

Consequently, the Gizmodo will always keep its customers up-to-date with every type of tech or environmental policy, infused with technology, science, and entertainment with transparency, accuracy, humor, and blunt honesty.

Every day, Gizmodo is dedicated to presenting interesting materials on high technologies, as well as innovations in the world of the internet. Material on the development of technology companies and startups is presented. Information on setting up and hacking gadgets and devices on Android, Apple iOS, and many more is interesting.

Gizmodo is gaining popularity, based on the preferences and expectations of users who are interested in technology. The team of Gizmodo presents the freshest and most relevant material for study, collected from various sources of information around the world.

Basically, Gizmodo specializes in operational news and analytical materials from the high-tech world. Various news items are published daily on the site covering the market for technology, science, environmental entertainment, and culture.

Technological innovations, interesting projects, trends in the development of the industry, and the latest scientific developments fall into the spotlight of Gizmodo. The quality of publications, the convenience of service, and the scale of research attract more readers to Gizmodo every day.

About Gizmodo

Gizmodo’s blog was launched in 2002 and was startlingly published by Peter Rojas. Later on, Peter Rojas was hired by Weblogs Inc. in order to establish the same technology blog. In mid-2004, Gizmodo and Gawker collectively were earning in revenue of nearly $6,500 per month.

Gawker Media and VNU established an agreement to republish Gizmodo content in various languages like French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese with some local European-interesting content across Europe in 2005.

From April 2007 to September 2011, Gizmodo started publishing its content in 4 more languages, including Japanese, Australian, Dutch, and Portuguese. Currently, the company prints its material in English, French, Dutch, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese.

In 2013, Matt Novak moved to Gizmodo from Smithsonian along with his Paleofuture blog. Later in 2015, the Gawker blog’s io9 was merged into Gizmodo. But, the staff of io9 also started to proceed with Gizmodo. And, they continued to publish materials on topics covered by the website, including science-fiction, fantasy, futurism, science, technology, and astronomy.

Gizmodo was acquired by Univision Communications as a Gizmodo Media Group in August 2016. Further, Univision sold Gizmodo and a collection of websites to private equity firm Great Hill Partners in 2019.

Gizmodo – Categories

  • Latest

Do you want to keep yourself up-to-date with Gizmodo deals, news, and tips like technology, science, culture, entertainment, gadgets, and others? Gizmodo’s Latest section contains such materials, keeping customers upgraded in every form. If you want to know, click

  • Reviews

Get experts’ opinions on the latest gadgets! Gizmodo’s reviews section has buyer’s guides, first looks, and news on all the upcoming and trendy gadgets, further creating an easy way to purchase the best one. For more info, click on

  • Earther

This section is for the “Nature of Nerds”. From the climate crisis to conservation, Gizmodo always presents environmental Justice, climate change news, photos, videos, and more to its clients. Read more about

  • Science

What else do you want to know – physics, health, space, and archaeology? All are available at Gizmodo. Science lovers can keep their eyes on every single latest science news. For more details, click on

  • io9

io9 basically holds news on various entertainment subjects like science-fiction, futurism, fantasy, technology, science, and other related areas. Furthermore, the io9 also has books, gaming, comics, and a shop section for its users.

  • Field Guide

A guide to the Gizmodo apps, gadgets, devices, and how to make them work for you! Gizmodo has various hacks on gadgets. This whole section covers “how-to” queries, and tips of users whether you have an Android or iPhone, cameras, laptops, or any other electronic device. For more,

  • Video

Gadgets hacking videos! Gizmodo’s video section comes up with various video guides regarding gadgets, food, culture, entertainment, and everything that you want. 

  • Gizmodo Shop 

Gizmodo also has a collection of apparel and accessories. The store has t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, children’s cloth, jackets, sweatpants, and many others.

Well, if you have queries regarding blog, account, terms & legal, or others, just contact the Kinja Support!

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