5 Tips That Will Make Your Blog SEO and User Friendly!

Having an internet presence is a great feeling, especially if you are playing an active contribution. It gets even more satisfying when you attract hundreds of visitors using generic internet marketing techniques. The same applies when you write and post a blog. You expect visitors to become readers and make comments on it. Each time you post something to your blog, you start getting visitors. They send queries, opinions and share the post in their social circles. All in all, positive feedback is what everyone seeks, and if you’ve worked hard enough, you’ll get them plenty. But, it doesn’t come as quickly as you might think. Here is what you must do to get the first thousand visitors to your website:

1.    Choose A Proper Niche

Before you start writing, read a lot! Bloggers tend to think about writing a blog in two ways; they either don’t know enough, or they read a lot but with a scattered mind. Remember, a scattered mind will never bring out creativity. Without creativity, you’ll not be able to concentrate. Without concentration, your thoughts will be all over the place, and so will be your blog. So, before you start, sit back and think about what you want to write. Once decided, start doing research on that topic and ensure that you don’t end up researching unrelated or diverse topics. Keep in mind that writing a quality blog is not all about word count. When you know what and for whom you are writing, word count seldom matters.

2.    Keep A Hawk-eye On Your Competitors

Now that you’ve chosen a niche to write, it is time to have a look at your possible competitors. Never mind if you are clueless about who your competitors may be, as a little research will bring you a list of similar blogs. These are your competitors, so you need to keep an eye on what they’ve been writing to avoid any similarities between your blog and others. For instance, if you’ve chosen to write about marketing, you’ll find thousands of blogs and date covering different aspects of marketing. It can be difficult to write when you have an overwhelming amount of data and topics already covering the niche. However, this is where your creativity becomes necessary. You will read the most happening blogs in the niche and will look for the information that your competing blogs are missing.

Frankly, you need not spend hours of SEO work, or to study search engine algorithms. A single search in any of the renowned search engines will do the trick. You may be wondering about how to identify the true competitors? The keywords will lead you to your competitors. Just type the keywords into the search engine and make a note of all the blogs on the result page. The resulting pages and blogs are your competitors. Start exploring these blogs one by one and see what aspects they’ve covered, or not covered. Also, go through each blog and notice the quality of content. Secondly, notice some external links and see how many links are there for each blog. The quality of link also matters a lot so make sure your blog has all quality links included. These links will help your spread your blog on the internet as each time you share a link, the source of share be it a website or social media, is recorded by the search engine which makes it easy to track the number of share by each user.

Primarily, this will lead you to write a compelling, unique, informative blog that will get you, visitors.

3.    Let’s Begin and Publish Your Blog Post

Now that you’ve gone through the pre-writing process, identified your competitors and know the missing, it is time to start your blog. Just keep one thing in mind, your blog should be unique and one of a kind. You have the substance in mind, just add your creativity and make it as innovative as you can. Don’t bother looking into every single blog on the niche, but make sure that your blog touches the niche exactly as it should. Once you start writing, make a plan in your mind about how you want to put it. For instance, an attractive heading will attract more visitors to your blog, so it should be unique, small and pertinent to the blog topic. Keep the heading between 50-70 characters but not more as the search engine categorizes blogs basing on the character count.  Adding the wow factor into your blog’s title will do wonders and attract more visitors. You are telling the reader that you can explain things in 5 minutes what others will achieve in 15.

Creating curiosity is also another great way to grab reader’s attention. People feel the need to ask questions and seek answers. The more questions and answers your blog has, the better. But, avoid stuffing it with questions and use questions strategically. For instance, one question, followed by an answer per paragraph is enough to make it curious sufficient for the reader. You can even grab the attention by making interesting title like. “10 SEO Tips That Will Bring 2300 Visitors To Your Blog In A Day“. This will click in the mind of the user that you might be telling some great ways to generate organic traffic by just simply following these 10 SEO tips.

4.    Add Information & Be Concise

Information is the key to writing a regular blog post. Add as much information as you deem necessary but don’t overload it. Just add enough that makes your blog post a good. Add useful links where required and give credit to the source of information. Play with “When” and “If” where appropriate and make the content as catchy as it can be. Also, write in a natural tone and use everyday vocabulary throughout the post.  Additionally, keep it well structured for SEO purpose. Don’t overload the content with keywords and focus on using LSI keywords.

5.    Make Friends, Expand Your Relationship & Shout-out

Once you are done with the blog, it is time to launch it. While you are at it, make sure to share it with your friends and social circle. Spread the link to your blog like wildfire wherever you can. Remember, the more your blog is shared, the more traffic it will get so keep sharing it with your friends personally and do promote it on social media as well.

Conclusion: Hence, there’s no black magic or a hard coded set of rules to enhance the user-friendliness of your website. It is all about working strategically and here we’ve given you a proven set of strategy to follow. Working on these five simple steps and tips will simply align your website and your online presence and even increase the overall SEO much sooner than you expected. Good luck!

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