Why are tags important for SEO?

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  1. Title Tags
  2. Blog Tags
  3. Header Tags

There are various types of tags which should be a part of your site. HTML has made it quite clear and specific that on page SEO requires tags. If you go through the new guidelines, you must use tags on your web page to gain better rankings. There are three different tags which you must focus on without fail.

title tags

Title Tags

Title tags play a key part in the entire search engine optimization procedure. It helps in setting the tone of your content and enlightens readers what they can expect from the site plus the products. You need to use such tags for every page so that it displays the links for your website. You need to make it descriptive, with a keyword and clearly mentioned. When you input title tags, make sure that it shouldn’t have any keywords in the start or in the end. Just one keyword in the middle works just fine. Also, the tags need to be of 55 to 100 characters long only so it is visible on SERPs.

Blog Tags

When you put blog posts, you must add tags to it too. They are an excellent way to organize your content as well as help the search engines to find your content easily. Make sure every post has tags so that you are featured on search engines without fail. Besides this, always categorize your blog posts according to what it contains as that too will make a difference.

Header Tags

Your entire site needs header tags in several sections. They go in order from heading 1 to 6. They are not going to be seen in the SERPs but they are quite essential when it comes to calculating your rank on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. With the new guidelines, you are allowed to use an array of header tags in your portal. Focus on header tags if you want to have a positive report on your SEO plan.

Other than these three tags, it is a must to have meta tags for every link on your site. When you Google something related to your site, the meta tag is a descriptive sentence which tells people what is in the content or page.
Every page and link on your site needs to have a meta description or tag. If you leave it empty, there are chances; you will not make it on the first page of Google or on the search engine at all.

Managing content is a must and once you have an organized website, you can focus on everything together. Work systematically to input links, tags and categorize all your content along with using the right keywords. With just these few things, your site will become popular in no time.

Small things like header tags and blog tags make a large difference to your SEO strategies! If your plan is not working out, it is probably because you are not adding tags.

When hiring professional SEO services India, you must make sure that tags are given special importance along with SEO.

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