5 Best SEO Practices To Follow in 2018 For Higher Rankings!

A website without SEO is road without direction, you might have heard this famous proverb while reading any blog related to digital marketing or SEO but you will be really amazed to know that this proverb is not just limited to a statement now. Today in 2018, when everything is going digital by every passing day the SEO i.e. search engine optimization has eventually become a need of the market.

Even the business industry of SEO has grown up to such extent that it is all set to give tough competition to any other element of inbound or outbound marketing methodologies. You know that whenever you are setting up a new website you have to optimize it so that Google the biggest search engine in the world could easily crawl it and fetch the details of your business into its knowledge base. The bots by Google are specially designed in a way that they could easily fetch and render the details available on your website accordingly to the search queries that are happening by every passing second on Google.

SEO is actually the art of maintaining your positions and ranking in the search engine results page (SERP) so that you website could receive more hits and more organic traffic from all around the web. More traffic mean more visitors, more visitors means more conversion, more conversions means more business, and more business means more money!

We all know that maintaining the higher rankings isn’t an easy go, it takes a long to search and understand that on what variable Google is evaluating your website. To overcome such situation we are going to discuss the 5 best SEO practices and techniques you should follow in the year 2018 so that you could maintain your higher rankings are add the spice of amplification in your business.

To gain higher ranking among search engines you need to take care of the following:-
• Create Amazing Content
• On-Site Optimization
• Link Building
• Mobile Friendliness
• Take Care Of RankBrain

1. Create Amazing Content

You must have heard that “If your content is KING then your conversion is QUEEN.”
That’s it, you need to take care that your content is always amazing and most importantly it is always up-to-date. You have to write the content for your readers not for the search engines because a famous quote states that “Google only loves your when everyone loves you first.”

2. On-Site Optimization

On-page SEO or on-site optimization will remain the key element of getting good rankings in Google even if we are about to enter another decade because on-site factors are the basics and core of the naturalist behavior of any of the search engines. You have to take care of all the on-site ranking factors including title, Meta tags, URL, heading etc.

Acquisition of natural links from highly authoritative websites is going to always work out for you for generating good traffic and passing a healthier link juice throughout the web. You need to see whether if you want to get the links by yourself after running a email outreach program or you need to hire any other manual link building services to take care of your link building, it is totally up to you!

4. Mobile Friendliness

Desktop systems, personal computers and even the laptops are now getting obsolete and have even went too as far as consumer market is concern. Research has proven that 63% of the searches performed on Google are done by mobile users therefore, you had to ultimately take care that your website is mobile responsive and fits every screen otherwise the bots of Google are going to discard you form the SERPs.

5. Take Care Of RankBrain

RankBrain is the new update by Google that was rolled out in the end of 2016 and it is being updated almost on every day. Since the things are emerging out in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science etc. Google has also decided to use all these agents as a part of their algorithms and evaluate the data on the basis of these components. Therefore, for increasing and gaining higher rankning in search engines you need to take care of RankBrain algorithm and have to optimize your website as per the Google webmasters guidelines.

Till this point you are now fully aware about the five key factors that Google will probably going to use as part of the sheet of ranking variables. If you are willing to make your website touch the sky then you have to take care of all the above-mentioned things for gaining healthier rankings! 

This post is authored by Essa John a passionate blogger these days content strategist at The Runner’s Band!

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