5 New Thoughts About SEO That Will Turn Your World Upside Down

While the internet is constantly evolving, so are the algorithms of search engines such as Google. Because of this, SEO techniques of businesses must also evolve. If you are in the field of digital marketing, then here are a few SEO tips that you should watch out in the coming months:

The Google Fred Update

The Google Fred update is basically an update in the spam regulation portion of the algorithm. With the SEO studies and monitorings done by experts, this update penalizes the contents that have too many ads embedded in it which affect the user experience of the visitors. Because of this update, there are actually a lot of websites that lose their search rankings. With this in mind, it’s now important for any website owner to shift his or her attention to user experience as compared to revenue generation.

Most people know about viral content, but a lot of people don’t actually know that there is a term for it and there are strategies that can help make the content viral. These pieces of content are known as link baits, and these are the ones that can help a website get a lot of traffic. In SEO, a link bait is a piece of content that is easily shared on other websites. The author of these websites will then link the link bait’s website to their own. This will create more traffic for the link bait’s website. The goal of a link bait is to simply spread the word through the efforts of other people who also want to share it. Examples of link baits are news reports, funny stories, awards, and emotion-wrenching stories. Link baiting is a very good way to get your website to gain a huge amount of traffic.

Migration from HTTP to HTTPS

In a report by Mozcast, Google is giving better rankings to websites that have HTTPS in their links as compared to those who are just using HTTP. This is because the connection of websites with HTTPS is significantly more secure than that using HTTP. In fact, 40% of websites have been using HTTPS since the end of 2016, and they’ve all been getting really good ranking so far. By the end of 2017, HTTPS websites will definitely be more valuable to Google than HTTP ones. For the sole purpose of SEO practice, it would be best if you change your website to an HTTPS right away to get better ranking in Google search.

User Relevancy Over Premium Content

With the Fred Google update, sites that are heavy on ads will suffer consequences. How about the subscription-based websites that feature a lot of ads because that’s the nature of their websites? There are a lot of subscription-based websites that thrived even after the Fred update. This is most likely because these websites were all authoritative and established websites. This means that user relevancy still trumps premium content even for subscription websites. For SEO purposes, it’s important to take note of this.

These days, voice searching has already become quite a thing in SEO. The big question here is how exactly voice search will affect SEO. Ok, Google, Siri, and Cortana have all decreased text searches for mobile users. In fact, Comscore has estimated that 20% of searches have been made through voice search and that the rate will reach 50% by 2020. With this, Google will definitely make another update to the algorithm regarding voice search, which means we can another SEO evolution in the future. Google will eventually want to cater to more people who want to make use of voice searching using their mobile phones.

With the latest Google updates, digital marketers and SEO specialists have to constantly learn how to widen their knowledge regarding search engine analysis. This list features some of the thoughts that will definitely shake up the world of SEO.

About Author: Jessa Camacho is part of the Marketing team of ConvertBetter and she has a good grasp of all the essentials of building and promoting a website. Her skills and knowledge in her field make her prominent in the company.


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