Top 5 Targets Of A Landing Page

Thanks but no thanks. Has that ever been the first thought after checking out a website?  Have you ever looked at a page and within one moment decided this just doesn’t cut the mayonnaise. This is why Landing pages are essential for your marketing strategy. They are the first thing visitors land on and decide from there whether they want to learn more about your company product etc…

Some problems could be the images were unappealing and it’s too hard to navigate through. It was full of jargon that was hard to understand.

1. Basic Questions About Page

The point is when it comes to a Landing Page “the first Impression could be the only one”…

First, ask yourself some basic questions. What is your page about? Why should people go to it? What will they learn from visiting your site? Will they learn about the essential principles your company has to offer?. Can you make it easily accessible? Many experts say they make a determination on whether to continue with your website based on their initial impression.

  • Why take a chance impress with the first moment.
  • Let’s look at some sample amazing Landing Pages.
  • As you can see some have links to click on the first page that will lead you to different informational directions.

2. Coming Up With A Plan

Coming up with a Target plan can be your way to becoming a heavily viewed influential website. SEO tactics and meta keywords are important tools in getting potential customers to see your website.

  • There must be a comprehensive strategy planned to detail who you think will visit. This should be based on research. Who is your audience what is your specific purpose?
  • Let yourself narrow the focus and remove the clutter when deciding the absolutely essential information you want to divulge from the customers first click.
  • It is important that you began thinking about details such as Optimizing your keywords.
  • This is a way you can improve your conversion rate.
  • Some of the things to think about Search engine optimization pay per click and what specific social media marketing platforms you might want to showcase on your beginning page.
  • Now when we get down to it you can see how effective your Stripped out page can be.
  • One key factor is setting conversion goals measurement of an action by a user on your site. Your page must show progress, views, shares and other statistics.
  • We will also need to be concerned with understanding Google Analytics tracks and reports such as website traffic.
  • Just like the movie says ‘Show me the Prioritization chart’. It shows you how to prioritize your time to make the most out of your energy and talents.
  • Focus on the Pay Per click network after all money needs to be coming in some capacity.
  • Make sure to pay attention to the Page visit who is visiting how often are there comment and feedback questions.

3. More In-depth Analysis

  • Let us make sure we also use Event Tracking which can be utilized to record user interaction with various website elements.
  • Also,  another important factor to  consider is the overlooked Social Media segmentation process. Demographics such as gender, region and income and another type called  Psychographic which analyzes attitudes and behavior. The comprehensive guide on Quicksprout will take you through an extremely detailed process. So much info so and so little time to delve through. Take it one chapter at a time.
  • Here is an extremely detailed website known for all things marketing so Start With Quicksprout Chapter 1.
  • Neil Patel owner of Quicksprout
  • One thing you can look at is Your Sales Funnel. Hopefully, it is not going down the tube and leaking feverishly. The Top of funnel represents Marketing and middle of a funnel is sales process and the end of it reaches customers. This represents the journey they go through to become customers. At any moment the funnel may leak. This article from Infusion Soft explains more about sales funnels.
  • As far as Landing page “generalities” spend time understanding the core basics “Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Intent, Evaluation, and Purpose. These are essential to grasping your intended audience.
  • Start with a simple question ‘Which type of landing page to use?’
  • Also, be careful when developing your agenda that there is not a disconnect between Topic and Audience Expectation.
  • Also remember to spend time Optimizing your e-mails as well.
  • These are all important things to consider when developing the Anatomy of a Landing Page.
  • It is important that potential customers find your page when googling for certain information. SEO tactics are necessary to begin narrowing search criteria towards your page.
  • Some important things to consider concerning Anatomy of a page. What will go on your main page?  What is your purpose? Main points of your service you would like to convey.
  • Decide on a Headline and the secondary headline.  Devote time Trust signals which are a  type of testimonials that prove results from customers or experts in marketing industry.
  • Most front pages need a Call to Action. In other words, what is the immediate need for your product?

4. Creating A Page Basic Tutorial

We will begin to discuss ‘How To Create a Landing Page.’

  • An easy place to start with is the Landing Page manager. You can create one off Hubspot
  • In this section consider: What exactly is being offered? You should answer the question “What’s in it for me if I give you my information? “What are the benefits of the offer? You should explain why the viewer just can’t live without it.
  • Why does the viewer need the offer NOW? – You should create a sense of urgency around your offer.
  • How does the user get the offer?

Some other advice is as follows:

For those already immersed in a  serious business venture,  have the option of entering a Salesforce campaign that is easy to find. Divulge in understanding what your customers purchase and understand their motivations. Spend time learning about their age group whether they are male or female. What is the predominant group you are after?

  • What is their occupation? Who needs to visit your page? What are the most likely ways to reach them?
  • As far as a thorough explanation Hubspot explains creating a Landing page.
  • In this section, we can delve into more information about header and footer development. If you look on certain part of your screen you can see the options such as Edit Head HTML and Edit footer HTML.
  • Hit that Target of Customer intrigue so they will be hooked on what your company has to offer. Everything matters and sometimes not getting things right the first time can be rather costly.
  • If you look at the structure of the Two Column decide other format capabilities or you can decide for No forum DM.
  • Under certain tabs, we can look at the columns and headings listed as follows Basic Info, Edit Settings, Form, and  Title. Of course equally important is where customers get a chance to ask questions.
  • When you scroll down there is a Question and Answer portion. Developing your Target is important and marks the necessary Landing for your page.
  • Even toward the end, there is still more to consider.
  • One final idea is you can decide Publish Now or have it  Scheduled for later.

5. Closing Thoughts

The reader just landed on your target spot. Make sure you keep them intrigued and remembering why they just visited. Tip of the tongue usually ends up with the widespread best promotion still which is called simply word of mouth marketing.  Get them to remember that page that had something intriguing about it that will draw them back. Make it simple and easy to understand. If your page is designed well it will increase the chances of people delving further into all information.

Now you are ready to reel that customer in with an unbelievable first experience. It is clear that you now have the 5 part down pat which makes Marking the Target Landing Spot all that much easier.

About Author – Edgar Rider has published Educational posts for Teach Magazine, Artist Unleashed and Modern Times Magazine. He has also written about social media for Grow Map and Duct Tape Marketing. Recently, he wrote a post for  Almost Done entitled Track The Social Media Stats Frenzy.

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