How To Contact Facebook Team Directly: 5 Ways

Facebook has been used by almost every person all over the world and holds a significant amount of our personal stuff including pictures, videos, personal information, notes, business pages, groups and lot more. So, integrity with personal things is very important as leaking out of any of the personal data can possibly hurt reputation, image, career and even life. And if someone gets access to someone else account then he can hurt him/her in numerous of ways.

Where Facebook helps to connect people with different grounds, images and give them a common platform to share thoughts, views and idea. This is the reason why Facebook has become very essential to prove your online existence.

There arise many cases when you need to contact Facebook team like if someone spamming your account or if your profile has been deactivated or if you want to report any infraction, request deletion of your account or any other issue that can only be resolved by Facebook team. But when it comes to contact with senior authority, reaching them becomes quite difficult.

5 ways to contact Facebook team


1. Contact Facebook team by making phone


Facebook has provided its customer care service and has customer service phone number (650) 543-4800. Just dial this number and you will land to their customer service department but if you making call outside of United States then you need to add international calling number.

2. Contact Facebook through Email

Facebook is an Internet based network so if you are having any query then it will only be resolved through emails or contact forms. Facebook has assigned different emails address for resolving customer’s issue. Before contacting it, make sure you are having the correct email address of respective department.

3. Contact Facebook by Facebook Forms

Because of large number of contacts and being one of the largest website, Facebook has filtered out different departments for resolving major issued and deal with person’s persona details and moments. You will get separate email contact form to contact Facebook team.

4. Contact Facebook through Postal


Letting know Facebook your issues through letters is also a good option but it will take long time as it is Internet-based firm. Before going on, find out the exact address. Here are the postal addresses.

5. Contact Facebook Team through Social


Now, everyone knows the importance of social media like how it can create brand and reputation in no time and can hurt anyone’s reputation too. So, Facebook is a well known and reputed brand that doesn’t want to hurt its reputation at any cost. So, try other active social communities, Twitter would be best, report there issue directly making it public, this way they will provide solution to your query immediately.

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