Common Outsourcing Mistakes That You Need To Stop Doing

Outsourcing business model usually runs for long term contracts. There is a part of the operation that an external person managed, and usually, interests conflict between the external person and the internal management.

Since the contract holds a long-term partnership, it is better to construct the business that serves both parties’ needs and interests. It is also better that the business has leeway for any changes that will happen along the way. For an outsourcing business to go strong and sturdy, here are some of the common mistakes that you should stop doing especially when starting an SEO company.

Going Cheap

A lot of people fail to understand the real cost of offshoring the product development. There are small businesses as well that lack sufficient profit or funding but are quick in searching a development team overseas.

Sadly, for these companies, in the long run, it can contribute more harm than good. Though it is a fact that an advantage of outsourcing is it can help entrepreneurs save money while employing full-time employees, they should still not be cheap. Usually, low rates result to poor quality.

It means that an outsource business gets what they paid for. It is important that companies have a reasonable budget that they’ll follow. Companies should learn that it is not a good practice to compromise quality for them to save a few bucks.

Failing to Provide Guidance

Outsourcing only makes sense when managers accurately define a task or process with procedures, guidelines, and rules. But the common problem for many companies is not investing time to create general procedures, guidelines, and rules.

Companies need to assume that after writing specific procedures and guidelines for an in-house process, they need to double the effort and provide it to their outsourcing partner. Usually, in most business, most of the practices and guidelines are unwritten. When a company outsources, it is necessary to everything in writing.

The Staff is Overworked

In business, nothing shades a spanner in the tasks like fatigued employees do. If some of the employees are working for more than 50 hours a week, it is the right time to consider asking help from the outside, especially if the company can’t manage to hire another employee.

Sometimes some people that manage SEO don’t recognize if the employees feel overworked. Some employees can hardly talk to their managers about their feelings. Managers need to ask the employees to be candid with them and always stress out that there won’t be any consequences for being truthful.

A fatigued and overworked employee usually have low productivity because they work fewer hours to steal a few rest time. Fatigue can also be the cause of errors, mistakes, and negligence which will incur higher cost.

Neglecting the Importance of Location

Failing to embrace the cultural differences with the development team can put the business at risk of having an obsolesce product. Culture standards for design and development vary in different areas. The learning curve of a team can cost a business thousand of dollars.

Though it is cheaper for companies to outsource their development, however, it is not the most advantageous move for the business. It is important for managers to consider culture and time differences before hiring someone from another country. Knowing the differences can impact both communication and relationship between employers and employees.


To sum things up, companies must never approach outsourcing as a cheap and simple method of offloading work. With the knowledge of modern technology and globalization, they should see it as an essential tool for building a lean, competitive, and efficient business.

Also, an entrepreneur should learn that time is a limited resource and there is no way to outsource it. For a business to grow, it is important that entrepreneurs know their mistakes and they should also know how to avoid it. With the list of common mistakes above, marketers should be able to see what to adjust on their daily activity.

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