Guidelines to Increase Traffic for Your Website

You always want to drive more traffic to your site, but, not sure on how to go about doing it. When you strategically plan to get more Google AdWords conversions, you can achieve more traffic.

Make Use of the Following Tips to Achieve More Traffic by Efficiently Doubling Google Adwords

website traffic

  1. Using Keywords Exclude Leads

Do not worry, you have read it correctly. Use Google AdWord send exclude leads. Sounds confusing? No, it is simple. Always do not forget the way in which pay per click functions. You are not looking for people who do not convert your ad by clicking. But, you want users to convert your ad for every click. Then, you must use the keyword to eliminate the individuals who don’t care about your offers. Find an example to understand better. If you’re into selling expensive branded shirts business, but you create an ad with “blue shirts” as a linked keyword. Then every user will get access and may not purchase your shirt. Instead, if you mention “designer blue shirts,” then only users who pay some premium will get access to your ad. This way you can target real conversions.

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  1. Run Show Network Ads on LinkedIn

Using your Google AdWords login, create a “Placement Targeted Ad Groups.” Then select LinkedIn image or test based on your add as a target. Use LinkedIn ads to target a more prominent group. You know your contacts in LinkedIn will be your target audience and hence you can achieve more conversions.

  1. Avoid Sending Individual’s to Your Home Page

Do not keep your home page as the landing page for any of your Adwords ads. Never direct users to the homepage forad, as it is not optimized for the text that displays in the ad. Instead, your home page should give an overview of the business you are into.  You must have your ads on a specific page and make that the landing page for the targeted customers. This can ensure more clicks and conversions.

  1. Geo targeting Is An Ideal Way

When you know that your business will reach success in specific regions, then you must use geo targeting and not publish an ad in general. Geo targeting will allow people to view an ad from a particular location and hence not all will click your ad. Remember that your focus is conversion and not more clicks.

  1. Execute More Mobile Campaigns

In the recent years, mobile users dominate the internet usage. Customize your campaigns compatible with mobile devices. Which means, the landing page of your as must be optimized per the mobile user’s platform. On the other hand, if it is generic, they may lose out actual conversions.

Therefore, when you want to increase traffic on your site and make meaningful conversions, the first thing you must focus is to manage Google AdWords efficiently.

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