Top 5 factors that can cause your website loading speed slow

If you have an online business or just a blog it is very crucial to consider your website load speed. If a website is too slow to load then you have a chance to lose visitors. No one waits for a website whose loading speed is very slow, mainly visitors go back to the search results and open other websites to get the information what they seek. On the other hand fast sites get more traffic and customers. If you build a site with basic features, but enhanced speed, you can surely raise your revenue.

page load speed

There are mainly 5 factors that can cause your site speed low, if you overcome these causes, then your website average page load time is reduced.

Unoptimized images

Unoptimized images are one of the main reasons of slow website page loading. If you are using lots of high quality images on your page, all of them are of full size and uncapped then your webpage takes time to load.

Slow hosting server

If you are taking services from a cheap hosting company with the lower plan than this can cause trouble in website loading. It is server intensive dynamic scripts that are running on your website and hogs the resources on your server. These delays are not noticed on small websites, it is often noticeable when your website size and traffic is increasing.

Too much Flash content

Too much flash is another reason when visitors would close site before it is loaded. Flash is a great tool to interact user, but it is heavy and cause loading problems. Another reason of avoiding Flash is that Google does not crawl Flash content.

Too many pop-ups, plugins and ads

The factors that can cause slow loading is the pop-ups, plugins and advertisements shown on your site. Using a series of pop-ups can also distract users what they are seeking for, sometimes they lead them to leave your site. Some web browsers can already block the pop-ups them, which makes it a wasted in most of the cases. If you are using WordPress CMS then disable or delete all useless plugins which you don’t want to use.

Media files

Media that is embedded externally like slide shows, external videos associated with each other pages can affect the performance and page load speed of the website.

There are lots of other things that can also affect the page load speed like-

  • Site structure

  • Use of inline coding in bulk

Giving time and effort into making your website perform better, will often result in a better conversion rate and happier users.

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