An overview of the history of Google search engine

Google is one of the most well known brand name in the world. It is so popular, even people who don’t use the internet still know the name of Google. It is a search engine website which locate, rank and display other websites. The main motive of this post is to present an overview of the history of Google.

It is the most used search engine, billions of people use their search box daily to get different types of information on the internet. There are many other types of search engines present who provide this service, but Google is the one which gives the best result of user keywords and queries.
google search engine
Two college students Sergey Brin and Larry Page invent Google. The initial name of search engine that they created is Black Rub. It was a college project run at the Stanford university, the main purpose of this project is to locate, rank, and display other websites according to the popularity. During that time the popularity would be determined by how many times other websites refer a website.

After some time both Larry and Sergey noticed that their search engine was taking too much internet bandwidth. In 1997 they relocate it to another server and renamed the search engine as Google. This name is actually coming from word Google. Actually, Googol is a mathematical term used for 1 plus hundred zeros i.e (1,000,00….. 0). The reason to choose the Googol word is only because they have the mission to collect an infinite amount of information regarding organizations and websites on the internet.

At that time they were not the first who is working on a search engine, there were already some search engines out there. Larry and Sergey’s initial efforts were fine but their objective was to create much better search which returns more accurate results.

An investor, Andy Bechtolsheim which is the co-creator of Sun Micro-systems see the potential value what they had created. He gave surprised and wrote a check of $100,000 for them. After that they never looked back, the success continued to follow and began hiring employees under the name Google.

In 1998, PC Magazine the highly respected industry puts Google on the map with their review. The magazine declares Google as one of the Top 100 websites of 1998.

In 2000, Google started selling advertisements. Lots of people start using Google which is going to be ideal for using their ads. People would only pay or get when someone clicked to view their ad. This is called as Google Adsense for publishers and Google AdWords for advertisers. It generates millions in revenue for Google and still growing.

In 2003, they relocate their company to a large area in Mountain view, California that they named as Google Plex. They are still there today. This year they also launch their free web based email service and successfully compete with the email services like Yahoo and Hotmail. They attract people by offering 1 GB of email storage, which is much more than competitors.

In 2004, Google Earth launched. Unique and attractive free service which is never ever used and provided this before. Map of Earth is created by using satellite images, anyone can search for any place in the world. Google Earth maps allow the user to zoom to the street level and see any place in the world while sitting at a computer.

In 2006, Google adds video feature to their search option. Users can search any kinds of videos like music videos, movies, TV shows on other websites, this year they purchased YouTube for $1.65 billion. Google is also added to the Dictionary as a word.

Now Google is much more than just a search engine. Approximately 70% of internet users use Google for their searches. Yahoo and Bing comes after that. Google receives billion of search requests per day. That is why people are interested to list and rank their website on Google.

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