VOOT is not Working Properly!! Come on Colors, People Frustrated!

Most of the time I am watching Colors TV show online because of my busy schedule. All the colors episodes are available on their official website. Their developers upload the episodes after a day or 2. But sometimes they take 3-4 days and even skip some episodes of Comedy Shows like “Comedy Nights Bachao”. Means they have no schedule they upload whenever they want.

Recently I noticed a company Viacom 18 Media Pvt. Ltd starts showing colors serials on the VOOT. Colors official website is also redirecting users to the VOOT to watch their shows.

VOOT is showing lots of other TV shows and finding their way to entertain the Indian youth.

Voot is not Working – I’m really disappointed with the VOOT. First of all voot player ask for Silverlight, I installed it but doesn’t work on my side.

My internet connection speed is good, video’s on YouTube and Colors websites play very well but on the VOOT it doesn’t work. At first sight, I think there is a problem from my end but after few days, I found many complaints on the web where people said Voot is not working properly.

voot playerAs compare to Colors TV website VOOT need high-speed internet, I think near about 4 MBPS.

Colors website works very fine with the speed of 1 MBPS. I don’t think in India all people are accessing with enough speed so that they can watch videos on VOOT.

Lots of Colors fans are frustrated including me who have scheduling problem and don’t have access to TV.

I installed Voot app on my iPhone no buffering but still facing problems in pause and resume.

Guys, Is there anything that you want to share. Are you facing the same problem as I am?.

  1. Getting below error playing Roadies episode :
    Please voot technical team , Please look into it..
    Cookie ‘singleContent’ possibly not set or overflowed because it was too large (5443 > 4096 bytes)!

  2. Voot doesnt work on my PC too very bad…. It keeps on buffering. I have high speed internet connection all other websites works well…..Is there any alternate place where we can watch colors kannada serials perticularly Agnisakshi……

  3. All those posting about voot videos not playing on a PC or laptop, I have found a solution. I too was facing the same problem and was unable to watch MTV shows. Try this:- Instead of using Firefox or Chrome, use Internet Explorer to open the videos. It works for me.

  4. Voot videos are not playing.. i have wifi connection with high speed internet..but its still not working properly. Very much dissapointed with voot

  5. It doesn’t worked on my reliance broadband but when I tried to run with my neighbor’s Airtel broadband it actually started buffering. I am hoping there is some problem with broadband connections to VOOT.

  6. one of the most third-rated video playback sites i’ve come across. despite being on 8 MBPS network it streams as if its working on Airtel 3G. i think the only video which plays well on Voot is its own ad. i don’t know which idiot thought archives should be streamed through this website.

    the less said about the app, the better.

  7. Yes you can watch all voot videos if they are not playing on ur app…just go to your mobile browser and directly open voot.com there u can able to watch all the videos on ur phn…enjoy

  8. me too when i downloaded the videos from voot and when i want to watch in offline mode the video does not play at all and the message comes as media can’t be registered. please i want to watch the downloaded shows even hotstar plays with in offline mode please i love colors shows please find the error and update the voot in advanced manner.. thanking you. sry for the way i edit my text. please revert me through my email.

  9. Me too… I am in Canada my internet speed is 52mbps I never had a problem on YouTube. Even the 4K videos go on without buffering but voot is a goof. It doesn’t work.

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