Top 10 Real Estate Property Websites in India like 99Acres, MagicBricks, CommonFloor

The real estate market is very vast and a normal person has no knowledge about the real estate deals. Maybe having an idea of the whole process, but not able to meet the requirements on his own. For an instance, if you are looking to buy a residential or commercial property in India, you need to get approval for the mortgage and once you get that, you will be required to find the right kind of property. The process seems simple, but there are a number of complications like you need to meet various requirements for getting your mortgage approved. To get all this done without any hassle, you are required to take the help of a real estate agent.

No doubt that an agent helps you to get the desired deals, but he always thinks from the business point of view. For an instance, in the case you are trying to buy a property at the best price, an agent will make you know about only those properties which he has listed will provide him profit. Thus, first he will think about profit and then yours. But, don’t need to worry! The process has become much easier and it has been made possible through the real estate property websites. If you feel your agent is not giving you the right advice, manipulates you believe what he says or simply, you feel confusion somewhere deep in your mind while making a purchase, then maximum chances is you are not being given the right advice. In such a case, you must consider taking the help of these portals.

One of the main features of this real estate advertising websites like 99acres is that they provide you the honest information. The writers simply convey the real facts about the property rather than marketing it. As they don’t take their readers as customers, they are bound to provide truthful information. The right information is the only thing that lets them convert their readers into the loyal customers. Even some of the popular property websites like Magicbricks are such that they survive through the advertisements’ revenue and don’t care much about the sales. So, if you are looking for the right information either as a buyer or as a seller then you can consider using a real estate site.

Moreover, the property websites in India are much easier to use. You may find it little difficult if you have never used a similar site before, but the clear instructions and selections will let you find the required information easily. The best real estate sites have enough features and they help you communicate directly with the seller and the buyer. Such sites also provide you a secure way to proceed if money is involved in it. So, rather than remaining totally dependent on an agent, you can use these sites to their maximum and then can take the help of an agent while making a deal.

List of Best Property Listing Websites in India

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