Unknown Secrets of Freelancer Agencies in India

India is the fastest growing country in terms of population and Internet users. There are so many freelancer agencies in India, most of them have 15-50 employees. I am also an employee of this type of company located in Mohali. In this post, I will tell you some secrets of Freelancer Agencies in India.

I joined the company as a stipend based Trainee in the field of SEO. My training period is about 4 months because I was fresher and don’t know about SEO and Online Marketing. My first day was worst they gave me one PDF file related to SEO and said, read the whole file to understand “Why we do SEO”, “Benefits of SEO” etc.

The File was about 15-20 pages which I read 2-3 times in 3 hrs. After several hours, an employee come and ask me to do some work. Do you guess what type of work he asks me? Data Entry, they gave me a spreadsheet and told to add some entries on the website. It was very boring, but I do it with my full effort.

After 2-3 days of data entry, Team Leader taught me some OFF page activities like Directory Submission, Social Bookmarking, Classifieds, Ping Submission etc. and gave me one fixed project.

For 15 days, I daily do link building on that project. After some link building for a few days, they gave me one project on the meter. I was totally fresher with 15 days experience. Before starting the ODESK meter, they gave me some instructions like to keep pressing CTRL button, switch tabs regularly, give activity by clicking the buttons.

I opened a few sites related to Social Bookmarking, Directories and spend 3 hours on the meter by switching the tabs clicking the CTRL and mouse button.

From that day, I started working on the meter with my experience of only 5-6 link building activities. During that time, I only know how to fill up forms and how to create an anchor link.

Till now (when this post is published) I am still working in this company. Where I worked 8 hours in a day on the meter.

Some hidden secrets of freelancer agencies that no one share previously and making a fool of the clients.

Most clients from US, Australia, and UK hire Indian freelancer agencies because their hourly rates are very low, but they don’t get the desired result after 3-4 months. The Reason is that most of the employees are inexperienced who have experience of only 1-2 years.

See the keyboard picture and estimate how much we press the CTRL button to perform a fake activity. Only CRTL text is rubbed on the keyboard because it was pressed so many times, whereas text on other buttons is still seen.

freelancer agencies secret

This is not the condition my keyboard, you will find it in all Indian companies offering SEO services. Because of the habit of pressing CTRL button on meter sometimes I start pressing CTRL button when the meter is OFF, I think I am addicted to pressing this button. Sit idle keep a finger on CTRL button, switch some tabs, click some mouse buttons, that’s all meter completed and you earned the money.

Sometimes we left our desktop and go to the washroom or to attend phone calls and ask the colleague sitting with us to keep pressing CTRL button and switching tabs. Sometimes we come after 10 min or after 20 min.

Most of the time, we are on a meter and don’t have enough time to read about latest Online Marketing trends or something else. After every snapshot taken by Odesk, I open a new window and start browsing websites for 4-5 min. Because there is no particular time when the snapshot of the screen is taken by Odesk.

If any snapshot of the screen taken by Odesk which is not related to the project, then we delete it from the Odesk daily activity report.

Freelancer agencies use the account of the employee who left the company. If the client request for voice call then any experienced bidder or an employee chat as a person who left their job several months or years earlier.

This is not the secret of my company, my friends working at other companies experience the same thing. These tricks are mostly used by every freelancer companies of size 15-50 employees. According to them making fools of the clients is very easy.

We know getting on the first page on Search Engine Result Page is not one day or one week task. Many companies take advantage of this and caught the wealthy clients in their web.

According to me individual freelancers work better than freelancer agencies. Because in agencies main motive of the employee is to spend time on the meter and get a salary, not to rank the website whereas individual freelancer perform better.

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