Top 13 Social Media Likes/Traffic Exchange websites like Addmefast

Nowadays, social media optimization (SMO) is treated as one of the most important activities when it comes to driving traffic towards money website.

There are numerous social sites available on the web which are visited by individuals every day. Most likely are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, myspace etc.

social media share websites

These sites provide the best and simplest platform to show online presence and push your business into high peaks. For the newbie, it is not easy to establish a reputation in front of competitors.

Nobody wants to like, share or follow any profile who has very few fan followers whether they are on Facebook or on another social website.

There are lots of social exchange websites which provide you fan followers. Addmefast is the most popular website where you will get quick likes, shares and followers.

It’s highly recommended to use social media likes/traffic exchange websites like Addmefast for startup profiles. In Addmefast, you will get points when you like someone and in return if someone like your profile points are deducted from your account. More you like others more likes you get.

Lots of start up business profile uses advertising or hire a freelancer to get likes or followers, these social exchange sites are best for those who started their profile from zero.

With social exchange websites you will get fan followers within minutes, but there are some disadvantages of the using these sites like people who follow you have no interest in service offered by you, people unfollow after some time.

In the end, social traffic exchange websites like Addmefast are best for startup profile. So don’t use them for a full-time, try to get real fans by writing eye caching posts and by doing more share, like, comments on niche based profiles, groups etc.

Below is the list of some social media likes/traffic exchange websites like Addmefast. All sites give free points to new users, register for all of them and you will easily get 50-100 likes:-

  1. Addmefast
  2. Shareyt
  3. SocialClickers
  4. Traffup
  5. Youlikehits
  6. Likeforlike
  7. LikeNation
  8. HitforHit
  9. Socialclerks
  10. Share-ex
  11. Socialmediaexplode
  12. Hitslikestweets
  13. Twiends
  14. Enhanceviews
  15. Vagex
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