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slashdot is a social news website that presents news stories on science, technology, and politics. These publications are submitted and evaluated by site users and editors. Each story is featured with a comments section where users can add online comments.

Generally, the website was organized in 1997 by Hope College students Rob Malda and classmate Jeff Bates. Later in 2012, they sold it to Dice Holdings International Group, which created the website for tech job seekers. In 2016, BIZX obtained Slashdot Media including both and SourceForge.

In 2012, the platform had gained 3.7 million amazing visitors per month and collected over 5300 comments per day. The site also has received more than 20 awards, including the People’s Voice Awards in 2000 for “Best Community Site” and “Best News Site”.

The team of authors working on the project presents with the freshest and most relevant material for your study, collected from various sources of information around the world. All visitors have the opportunity to participate in the discussions of any published material and in the discussions that have arisen and evaluate the material both positively and negatively.

The site offers readers news about the latest scientific discoveries in a user-friendly format Because all news is freely available, and even the pages are really adapted for mobile devices. Updating several times a day with a breakdown of news and articles by category, the site covers discoveries in all fields of science and technology.

About  – Slashdot

The site Slashdot is an independent source of the latest news about science, technology. News is combined with photographs and illustrations, links to journals and scientific studies, related research and topics, and encyclopedic terms to provide rich information.

As said before, Slashdot was created in 1997 by Rob  “CmdrTaco” Malda and ran the organization from 1988 until 2011. At that time, Rob shared his editorial responsibilities with several other editors, including  Timothy Lord, Patrick “Scuttlemonkey” McGarry, Jeff “Soulskill” Boehm, Rob “Samzenpus” Rozeboom, and Keith Dawson. There was another popular editor of Slashdot who joined Slashdot as a programmer and system administrator.

But later on, it has adopted by Slashdot Media. Now, the platform is run by a handful of editors and coders with the help of many others. The editors of Slahdots are Beau (“BeauHD”) Hamilton, Manish (“manishs”) Singh, David (“EditorDavid”), and Logan (“whipslash”) Abbott.

The editors of Slashdot manage the content by selecting and editing the primary stories that are posted by submitters. These editors summarise each story with a one-paragraph content and then link it to an external website where the story originated, which further becomes a topic of discussion among users.

A user-based moderation system handles the discussion system and also filters out abusive or offensive comments. This system was implemented on 7 September 1999. The commenting score ranges from -1 to +2, where +1 is for registered users, 0 for anonymous users, +2 for users with high “karma”, and −1 for users with low “karma”. As the moderators read the comment, they either click to +1 (up) or -1 (down).

Moderators can also attach a particular descriptor to the comments as well, like “normal”, “offtopic”, “insightful”, “redundant”, “interesting”, or “troll” with each corresponding to a −1 or +1 rating. But,  anonymous comments and postings have been disabled starting in August 2019.

Usually, Slashdot works on Slash, which is a content management system that comes under the GNU General Public License.

Slashdot – Categories and Services

  • Slashdot Stories

Slashdot’s stories hold all the recent news, materials, and topics regarding technology, science, and politics. These stories are submitted and evaluated by site users and editors. Each story also has the comment section for posting comments online.

  • Slashdot Poll

Slashdot’s online poll system is a survey where participants communicate or post comments by completing a questionnaire on a web page. This online poll works like a voting system. Satisfied users can comment or score the asking question according to their perspective.

  • Slashdot Deals

Whether you need work from essentials, online courses, or really interested in DIY projects, the Slashdot will provide an absolutely reasonable price on everything. The Deals section of this portal mentions the latest offers on various projects, from upcoming deals to ending soon deals.  For more details, click on

  • Slashdot Apparel

Slashdot has online official merchandise that is featured with men, women, headwear, and various accessories. The t-shirts, headwear, and other accessories like backpacks, water bottles, are imprinted with the Slashdot logo. For purchasing, just click on

If you want to ask a question to Slashdot, then you can use the web submission form. By logging in, the editors can submit a story anonymously. Do not forget to link the story you are updating or correcting. This is a project that is completely devoted to new technologies, science, and politics that are already everywhere.

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