Top Hassle Free Uses of Steel Knife and Home Products.

Working on household chores can get much easier and safer when you have the right set of knife, tools, and home products.

Among all the types of steel knives available in the market, the key is to get, the specialist knives such as the bowie knife, to uncomplicated everything. 

You must be having multiple types of unused knives lying in your utensil drawer. With multiple types of knives available online, it can also become confusing to name a huge number of knives at the same time.

Here is an easy guide to different types of knives and their uses with advice as to which one stands perfectly for different tasks.

This complete kitchen knives guide can make everything easier for you: 

Different types of steel knives and it uses 

Among a huge number of various knife applications, you have to know the perfect one that can work so well on all types of food items. Here are some types of knives compiled with their specific uses for particular food items: 

Bowie Knife and its uses

Whether you are an amateur or a professional cook, no one should ever be cooking without a bowie knife. This single tool can handle different types of kitchen and household tasks. This is also called a chef’s knife and a survival knife.

The bowie knife comes with a straight edge and long and broad sized blade. With a finely pointed tip, you can use it for multiple tasks such as:

  • Rock back cutting
  • Forwards chopping 
  • Dicing vegetables 
  • Heavy chopping work of hard vegetables such as onions and potatoes
  • Perfect for camping tasks

Utility knife and its uses

When it comes to smaller and slimmer knife size, you can get hands-on utility knives. With sharper edges and tips, this can tape downright until the spine. 

The utility knife is best used for 

  • Chopping small-sized food items
  • Easy to use for the more precise cutting task 
  • A paring knife and its uses
  • You can aim for slim cutting with a pointed tip in paring knife
  • Used for easier handling 
  • Cut softer fruits and vegetables
  • A multitude of home and kitchen cutting tasks
  • Light work with hard-shelled foods 
  • Easier to carry tasks such as trimming, peeling, and removing seeds 

Bread knife and its uses

With the evenly sized blade and sharp edges, one can get a sorted design for all types of kitchen tasks. Its serrated edge is what makes it apt for sawing bread.

It can easily go through hard-crust bread, bagels, bread rolls, and baguettes. Once you have cut through soft and tender bread texture, you can easily prepare the whole loaf, without getting it out of shape.

Whether it is about slicing through cakes or baguettes, this knife can perfectly work as the cake leveler to even out the cake shape while baking.

Carving knife and its uses

While the meat requires careful precision, it can be well handled with the carving knife. This tool comes with a long and slim knife with a sharp-edged point.

It can handle slicing of meat very well and is the longest steel knives. With the narrow width, it gives less drag that paves way for uniformed and cleaner slicing. It is the best tools for meats such as 

  • Poultry
  • Pork
  • Lamb 
  • Beef
  • Large size fruits & vegetables

Butcher knife and its uses

The butcher knife offers a rectangular-shaped cut with its sharp-edged blade. The cleaver knives are available in a huge variety of sizes and weights.

It is recognized with a hole located near the blade end, which makes it easy to hang, when not in use. This tool is widely used for 

  • Chopping raw meat
  • Divide meat into small-sized portions 
  • Cutting evenly through bone
  • Cutting down raw meat
  • Crushing garlic cloves with the broad and heavy surface

Boning knife and its uses

With a slim size blade and sharper00 edges, this short size constructed knife has quite flexible blades.

The boning knife is best used for trimming cartilage to its perfect cut. It is even widely used for trimming bones before cooking the meat, without spoiling its surrounding flesh.

Whether it’s about de-boning beef or slicing port, nothing can be a better boning knife when it comes to suiting poultry.

While being light and maneuverable, it stands to be a perfect choice when it comes to using something that is flexible and comfortable. 

Fillet knife and its uses

 This slim size and a long knife come with a flexible blade that makes it perfect for scaling in fish foods.

You can utilize its sharp edges and pointed tips that make piercing inside the fish skin easier. The blade flexibility also allows for easier bone-removal work. 

Salmon knife and its uses

This double-edged knife is specifically kept for filleting large-sized fishes. You can slice with sharper and slimmer skin removal with the help of a salmon knife. A lot is known about salmon knife such as

  • Used for filleting, slicing, and removing salmon fish skin
  • Cutting flesh and doesn’t damage the delicate fish skin
  • Create tidy and clean fillets
  • Useful as minimizing the wastage chances
  • Doesn’t let skin stick onto the steel surface
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