What are Circular Knitting Machines and Their Advantages

Most traditional knitters dedicate their work to hand knittings. Today, when you see a person using their hands in knitting lengths of yarn for creating clothes, they are much doing their hobby. Have you ever wondered where sweaters are from? Obviously, those are not traditionally made from hand knitting. Knitting machines are used to make these garments and sell them.

A knitting machine is a key component for clothing companies to produce clothes in bulk. It has become a great method for fast and accurate production.

Quick Overview About Knitting Machines

During the middle of the 1900s, knitting machines have become popular. There are different kinds of knitting machines to choose from, like circular knitting machines, but they do not have the same functions. The common differences between each knitting machine are the levers and switches.

What are Circular Knitting Machines?

Circular knitting machines help the clothing industry produce garment lengths of seamless clothing. Moreover, circular knitting machines do not only knit in the round, but they also knit flats as well.

When you look for a circular knitting machine to purchase, you need to be careful in considering the gauge type.

When you choose the type of gauge, you are also choosing the needle sizes your machine can handle and the needle bed size. There is no machine that can knit with a wide range of yarn sizes. There are three gauges that you can consider in knitting machines.

  • Standard gauge knitting machine – Knitting machines with a standard gauge is the most common one. It can handle 200 needles with a 4.5mm pitch. The standard gauge is not suitable for heavier yarns. However, it makes beautifully knitted articles of clothing and sweaters with middle-range yarn sizes.
  • Bulky gauge knitting machine – The bulky gauge machines are used for fine smooth yarns to create knitwears that look handmade. This kind of machine has 114 needles and a 9mm pitch. Heavy sweaters are made with this type of knitting machine as it can also handle bulky yarns.
  • Fine gauge knitting machine – The fine gauge knitting machine uses thin threads of yarn to produce finely knitted fabrics.

Is knitting your hobby? You might want to try out a knitting machine that can use a standard to bulky yarn sizes. The mid-range gauge knitting machine is suitable for you. Mid-range gauge is discouraged for mass production as it is not made of the highest standard materials. It can only provide a few features and functions.

Benefits of Circular Knitting Machines

The clothing company has become dependent on knitting machines. It has given them the benefit to produce flawless fabric or clothes at a faster production rate.

Faster Production Speed

Faster production speed is probably the most obvious benefit and advantage of a circular knitting machine from China. It is the key consideration for clothing companies. You can swiftly finish a project at a faster speed. For clothing companies, speeding up in production is relative to lower production costs.

Accurate Stitches and Cables

Circular knitting machines are highly efficient and accurate. Some are even programmed with patterns that eradicated human error. When we rely on hand knittings, there are greater errors of slipped stitches and crooked cables.

Equal stitches

Machines have the capacity to create tedious stitches that are hard to make in handknitting.

Long Term Investment

Purchasing the equipment for your company is a long term investment. It only needs minimal maintenance from time to time to provide you service in longer periods.


It is understandable to hesitate in purchasing a knitting machine as it is expensive. However, it is not. The amount of products and fabrics helps you balance the investment in just a few months.

When you are in the knitting industry, a circular knitting machine is the best and most efficient solution to massively produce products. Do not be overwhelmed with the different types of circular machines. You can look for a reputable knitting machine manufacturer to guide you in selecting the best machine for your company.


The circular knitting machine is a great help in producing high-quality seamless clothes to its consumers. There are several benefits of having a knitting machine in your company. The company becomes capable of producing massive fabrics and clothes at a faster rate, even if it has complex designs.

Now that you have an idea of what circular knitting machines are and their benefits, you need a reliable knitting machine supplier like Sintelli. Sintelli manufactures the best circular knitting machines in China.

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