9 Creative Ideas for Android Designers

The look matters of your application – it is important how your application looks it determines how it will perform. People download an application after checking its interface, yes it is more important because it makes your audience download it afterward they will use it and check how it performs but initially they will decide by it looks either they should use it or not.

Android application designs are not limited to games but now many businesses turning their brand into a mobile application for more sales and conversions. This year we can expect a more realistic look and inspiring designs.

Android designs; who can know better than an expert designer. I talked to the Custom Web designing agency they shared some creative and important ideas. Now I would like to share them with you so that if you haven’t plan your application design yet then it will give you a complete slight how it can give you a remarkable look. It will help you in optimizing your brand performance.

Here is the list of top Nine android designs that we can expect to see in 2021.

The 9 Creative Ideas for Android application designers

  1. Neumorphism
  2. Visuals that are easy on the eyes
  3. Engaging swiping experiences
  4. Depth through shadows and layering
  5. Analogue inspiration
  6. Abstract & geometric art
  7. Unexpected angles
  8. Immersion through VR and AR
  9. Creative data visualization


In past years we have seen in application icons and buttons that they were quite simple, but this year designers are planning to make it more fascinating. But know the question is how will they do it?

And my response is Neumorphism, this is a new design that is getting attention these days and most probably this will be at its peak in 2021.

A similar concept has been seen in the 2010s but this one is a bit more unique and real-life imagery icon but it contains better 3D designs.

Neumorphism typically deals in flat designs along with the 3D dimensional overall look. This looks so eye-popping means it feels they are coming out of the screen.

Visuals that are easy on the eyes

Your application should not be limited to beauty and looks but at the same, it should fun and joy to use. The best this design has a natural color scheme, and a simple layout that doesn’t overpower its users.

It helps them to look into the screen without feeling dizzy. Such soothing interface and graphics that easy to your eye.

Engaging swipes

The swipes play important role in mobile, this feature available on phones that’s why one benefit for developers as compare to the desktop screen. However, clicking is easy but swiping itself a big fun. So it’s an advantage to utilize it effectively likewise making it interesting.

It is your responsibility to make it more engaging and interesting for your users. You can do it in different effective and enhancing ways.

Depth through shadows and layering

If you can design your graphics in a way to pop out from the screen, adding shadows and dusty design enhance the overall look. This is an equally beneficial method to layout your features it is overlying the dark shades in designs. It will give an effect like dimension to the application.

Analogue creativeness

It is possible to see analogue designs with creative touch will see in 2021. It has some paper and cardboard-like structure and texture. These kinds of we have seen in newspapers and magazines, the best part of it is that it looks so warm, relaxed, satisfying texture.

Symmetrical look

As I have discussed it in 2021, most probably we will see a more realistic dimensional look. This symmetrical, geometrical, and abstract look provides smooth eye-appealing shapes also its balance between detailing and minimalizing design. This forms delicate stability that looks awesome and warm.

Unforeseen angles

Yes, this is true in the coming year we can see more apps with right angles rules in backgrounds and dimensions. This will bein a trend because designers are working on it. Although unpredictable angles put a more dynamic look, result this gives an app an explorative, lively and, defiant look.

It is also being used in the alternation of images and photography that ultimately grabs attention. It looks fascinated and gives a great user experience.

VR and AR

The designers are already making their designs more interesting by putting different angles and elements in their designs. At the same time, designers are trying to bring a new look that gives you the experience that you are inside the app. This look immersive that makes you as you are playing it.

Before applying it think twice about how can make it more creative, it provides a unique visual look, and if place perfectly it provides your user heavy lifting look.

Creative Data Visualization

There is no doubt how boring math class can be for many people. This regard is the reason behind this visualization trend leads to aborting boringness. Either you design an application or building anything it’s a way to make things more enjoyable. By using different types of graphics, animations, or you can offer information and engaging content to its users.


The aim of designers to provide users more contented, appealing, and enjoyable experience in the year 2021. Now the mobile application is no more an app just, it is like a concern that we want to expend time with. Everyone is carrying mobile phones in their pockets and these apps in them. So just understand its importance and designers know it very well. We are waiting to see what else is coming this way in the year 2021.

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