10 Amazing Tips For Your Blog SEO To Generate More Traffic!

What is the use of a blog when you don’t have any visitors on it, nobody knows it and it is not producing any results that you want?

It is true that success and growth of a blog entirely depend on the audience and traffic that is why it is essential for you to get as much traffic as possible.

Well I know that generating traffic on your plans is not easy and it is quite challenging as well, but don’t worry, today I will share some fantastic tips for your blog SEO to generate more traffic on your blog.

1. Find the right writer! (hint: it might not be you):

The heart of any successful blog is an outstanding content. That is why the writer of your blog plays an essential role in the performance of your blog. If the person writing for your blog is passionate and knowledgeable about the niche they are writing about they will put their heart in your blog and generate better content than those who are not forcefully writing it.

You might be passionate about your blog, but your writing style might not be as appealing as some better and professional writer.

But, you can hire a writer to write blogs for your website. Sometimes the person you have appointed is not much committed to your blog, therefore make a wise choice by picking up a right writer for your blog by his/her commitment, writing style, conversational tone and devotion to your blog. Make sure however is the writer can communicate with your audience, attract more readers and produce quality content for your blog.

2. Use in-depth keyword research to determine good blogging topics:

Nothing is easier than sit down and start writing about the topics without any research nobody is interested in. Therefore if you want to create and develop the interest of your readers in your blog, then intensive keyword research is necessary to identify the good and appealing topics for your blog. That is why you need a considerable depth, keyword researched topic which brings good ranking for your blog. When Google or any other Search Engine rank the keyword better, there are more chances for your blog to get better ranking and eventually get more traffic.

3. Focus on producing long content:

According to a research, the long-form content performs much better than the short or thin posts in the search engine. Writing a long content means that you have to give a depth detail about your topic.

There are two significant reasons for the success of long-form content, number one, long contents are keyword-rich and you can add more “long tail” keywords. Therefore this content gets better ranking on the search engine as many people usually type long tail keywords to search the results specifically. Secondly, long contents tend to satisfy the readers more than the short one because there are much more details about the topic given to the readers. Also since readers are more likely to associate with it, they will end up sharing it on social media and generate better backlinks on the other websites which positively generate more traffic on your blog.

4. Keep your blog and content fresh with updating existing posts:

You might encounter many blogs and articles which emphasizing on the fresh content, but I don’t! Your old blogs are as influential as your new one; you should update your previous blogs with new information and keep it updated with new and fresh information. As it is already ranked better on Google, you need to give it a new as much importance as your new blogs. Also, instead of running for quantity, work on the quality as well.

5. Include strong and relevant images:

Images are essential for your blogs. There are three main reasons you should include appropriate and right images to your blog: first, it gives your readers a sense of what you are writing – visual aid is very supportive and understandable for your readers especially when you are writing about difficult concepts.

Secondly, a bright and appealing picture is one of the best motives to get it to share on the social media, blogs with dull images are less likely to get shared.

Thirdly, by adding suitable keywords on your image “alternative text,” your pictures are more likely to register and optimized on the search engine as it gets a better understanding of what you are trying to say.

6. Optimize your blog posts:

Other than just keeping good quality and content long, you need to work on many technical steps which are known as “on page SEO,” here are some to help you improve the performance of your blog on a search engine.

  • Your tile must be well keyword researched and describes accurately about what are you writing
  • Your keywords much include in URL of your blog post
  • Your headers much are keyword-riched to break up content.
  • Your images must contain keyword alt text and file names

7. Fetch email addresses:

If you want to attract more visitors, traffic and audience, a great way to do it through email address of your audience. Once a reader visits your blog, it means that he/she has found any relevant information on it or they are interested in reading similar news and information. Therefore you can notify your visitors via email, e-newsletters or any new updates which you think is worth sharing with your audience. Once an email pops-up in their inbox with a call-to-action message, your readers will come back to you because they believe you care for them. You can use any email marketing tools and make most out of it.

8. Promote social sharing:

There are two major elements which encourage your readers to share your blog on social media; number one is they feel associated with it and the information they find is worth reading and sharing. The second is blog activity when your audience find your blogs more conversational, updates, latest news and information, your interaction with your audience through social media, comments and sharing your blog on social platforms; your readers feel more likely to share it. Therefore if you want more traffic on your blog, you need to make it easy for your readers to share it with social media sharing icons on every page, as well as activity on your blog.

9. Encourage user engagement and comments:

To get more traffic, you need to encourage people to comment on your post including trolls, here are three reasons why:

  • It allows you to create more keyword-rich content.
  • It encourages visitors to return to your blog and take part in discussions.
  • Google ranks those blogs and posts better which have more and engaging comments than those without it.

Backlinks are one of one most essential part of your blog posts which helps in good ranking. You need lots of backlinks of your blog on the other sites which not only point towards it but also improves its credibility and search ranks.

Author Bio:– Harry James is a freelance blogger and a professional content writer. He love’s to write on any niche, currently working as a content analyst at water softener company!

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