10 Best Apps For Small Writing Businesses

Writing is beautiful but making a business out of writing is challenging. Writing business requires zeal for writing, setting goals, managing budgets, and meeting deadlines with proper planning. Running a writing business demands applications and tools for better productivity and revenue generation.

You may want to start your own publishing house and employ editors for scripts of novels, drama, screenplay, and others. For this, you need excellent writing skills with a command of the English language. Everything is manageable with management apps when business owners use applications for small writing businesses.

Variety in Writing That Requires Best Apps for Business

Writing business is possible in various forms like ebook writing, blogging as a niche writer, copywriter, newsletter writer, content marketer, social media manager, magazine publisher, proofreader, ghostwriter, writing tutor, etc. When you run a writing business, there are different types of writing necessary that includes a variety of styles like:

  • Instructional writing is necessary for writing manuals and memos for official use. This type of writing requires the use of proper technical terms and good command of English, for which you require business apps for writing to check grammatical errors.
  • Writing for persuasion is demanding when you have to influence readers with your view on a product or company. Writing proposals and marketing emails fall under persuasive writing.
  • Persuasive writing must have a flow and demands readability, for which you can use management apps to improve readability and manage content.
  • The informational writing requires drafting financial statements and minutes of meetings to track growth and planning for official purposes.
  • For writing a valid official plan, business owners need a good metric of productivity for which you need apps for small businesses.
  • Transactional writing includes daily communication by emailing, filling official letters with invoices. For your writing business, it is better to take help from applications.

Importance of Applications for Writing Business

When there is a need to grow your business, task managers need to manage writing projects and ensure the payments are withdrawn and collected in a savings account. There is a requirement for file storage and project management.

The balance transfer is an important part of online payment, and handling the writing business requires attention to every part of a normal business. Accounting software with other business accounts is mandatory while running a small writing business, along with ensuring certain requirements, such as the ASC 842 requirements (what is ASC 842?) are met.

Business holders have to take care of bank accounts by themselves and need to look after customer service and make their contact center. The business apps help in maintaining better customer relationships.

Tracking of time is another important factor in meeting deadlines. When you cannot deliver outputs on time, task managers need to verify tasks. It is equally necessary to organize tasks and remove distractions that may appear during the work. Task managers should ensure that employees are focused on their jobs and are not distracted.

Some Best Apps for Small Writing Business

Business owners should remember to keep track of the budget and usability of the application according to their business type. With various business apps available in the market, choosing the best ones for your writing business is better. Here are a few best apps for small writing businesses.

1. TimeTracko

timeTracko is a flexible application with a user-friendly dashboard used to track employees’ time and measure their productivity and one of the apps for small businesses. timeTracko is beneficial for small writing businesses to measure the workflow of each employee and meet writing deadlines.

Some Features of timeTracko

  • The real-time tracking option helps in increasing the productivity of writers. You can know their level of research through screenshots.
  • The user activity level is tracked by tracking keyboard strokes and mouse clicks carried out by employees.
  • Screencasting allows you to find any abnormality on the user’s screen during work time. You can know efficient employees by the websites, resources they use during work hours.
  • The labeling of productivity includes a grouping of URLs, apps, and software as productive, unproductive, and neutral.
  • Summary of usage is a chart with a percentage from which you as a leader can analyze users’ productivity.

Pricing of timeTracko

  • timeTracko lite: Free
  • Team plan: $7/user/month.
  • Business plan: $12/user/month
  • Enterprise plan: Custom pricing

    2. Grammarly

Grammarly is the most promising app for small writing businesses. The content includes emails, text messages, posts for social media, and other writing pieces. When you paste your content into the Grammarly app or use a browser extension, it helps in the correction of spelling and grammatical errors.

Some Features of Grammarly

  • The spelling and grammar check aids in writing error-free and readable content. Using Grammarly, you can increase expression and write clearer pieces of writing.
  • Checking sentence structure is another amazing feature of Grammarly. With context, Grammarly helps in correcting punctuations in writing.
  • You can use vocabulary to add weight to your writing, and the Grammarly app provides options for including even vocabulary.
  • It detects plagiarism and helps remove lines similar to other articles on the web.

 Pricing of Grammarly

  • The free version of Grammarly is free.
  • The premium version costs $29.95 per month.

3. Hemingway Editor

As the name suggests, Hemingway editor is an editing application that makes the job of refining and editing writing easy. It detects errors and gives suggestions to improve better writing habits. The Hemingway application can make your writing clear.

Some Features of the Hemingway Editor

  • It gives a measure of readability grade, and as you gradually edit as per the app’s suggestions, your grade changes to a better one.
  • When there is a yellow highlight, you have to make the sentences shorter.
  • There is a blue highlight for excessive use of adverbs and weak language.
  • Green highlights indicate passive voice in your writing.
  • Red highlight indicates a sentence that is very hard to read.

 Pricing of Hemingway Editor

  • Hemingway Editor is free of cost.

4. Evernote

Evernote app is used to keep file storage of anything on your device like receipts, articles, lists of work, banknotes, and others. It is available as a mobile app. The syncing option allows storage on multiple devices at the same time.

Some Features of Evernote

  • The document scanning feature of Evernote allows you to keep the storage of any paper by simply scanning it. Evernote ensures that writers do not lose their valuable information.
  • You can test out tasks to do, and after the task is completed, you can change them into tasks done. Evernote helps writers to remember incomplete tasks and complete the ones remaining.
  • Evernote allows you to use attractive templates that make work interesting, and the calendar feature helps you keep updated with the schedule.
  • The web clipper allows you to save important journals, websites, and screenshots to Evernote.

Pricing of Evernote

  • Evernote is free of cost for storage on two devices after syncing.
  • The personal version costs $7.99 per month.
  • The professional version costs $9.99 per month.

5. Payoneer

Payoneer is a useful platform for payment to send and receive cash digitally within 200 nations. With Payoneer, writers and business professionals can keep track of their expenses and budget with a credit card and business checking accounts.

Some Features of Payoneer

  • You can look at your balance from Payoneer anytime during the day and stay updated with your personal or business finances.
  • Users can make payments from Payoneer, linking to local banks and withdrawing money easily.
  • Payoneer sends notifications about the changes and actions conducted from your account to help you stay in touch with business finances.

Pricing of Payoneer

  • The Payoneer app is free between Payoneer accounts.
  • Paid plans include $29.99 for a master debit card annually.

6. Expensify

The Expensify app helps track the budget and finances by scanning features and taking care of business credit cards. The expense report generation makes the work of business holders easier and more systematic with better relationship management. Expensify is great for small writing businesses.

Some Features of Expensify

  • One-click receipt scanning helps to scan your valuable papers and receipts is one of the useful features of Expensify.
  • For the automatic merging of receipt and expenditure, users can merge their credit card transactions with the Expensify app.
  • Expensify is secure as it uses GDPR requirements and a privacy shield.
  • You can track tax from accounts or make custom tax names with rates. Expensify allows the detection of duplicate receipts and ensures the translation rates are accurate.
  • You can give access to your co-worker so they can create reports and share but with limited access to all data.

Pricing of Expensify

  • The general version is free of cost.
  • The collect version costs $5 per user per month with an Expensify card.
  • The control version costs $9 per month with an Expensify card.

7. Google Meet

Running a business requires day-to-day communication with colleagues and team members. In a writing firm or business, it is mandatory to interact with your group members, for which you need a video conferencing application such as Google Meet.

Some Features of Google Meet

  • Google Meet is available to anyone who has a Google account. You can create a new meeting and send invitations for others to join in.
  • You can join any meeting when you have the meeting code available.
  • Unlimited meetings are hostable with video conferencing, and it is compatible with any device, and you have control over your voice and webcam through the app.
  • The feature of screen sharing makes it easy to present, and you can message participants and integrate with other applications from Google and Microsoft and get it on the app store.

Pricing of Google Meet

  • The basic Google Meet is free for all users.
  • Google Workspace Individual costs $7.99 per month.
  • For Google Workspace Enterprise, you have to contact the sales department of Google Meet.

8. Meta Workplace

Workplace from Meta is available as a web app and mobile app and helps connect team members. It is also called Facebook Workplace, and users can access Facebook Groups, Facebook Messenger with video calling, and access Facebook accounts.

 Some Features of Facebook Workplace

  • By team messaging, users can share their information and ideas with other team members.
  • You can create a group for different projects and let the members interact.
  • The live broadcasting feature allows users to host announcements and notice important matters.
  • The news feed section lets each member have their personalized news feed, making team interaction easier and systematic.
  • Workplace allows integration with other tools, and the knowledge library helps create, store, and share important documents like yearly reports.

 Pricing of Facebook Workplace

  • The core version costs $4 per person per month.
  • Add-ons include admin support for $2 per person per month and enterprise live for $2 per person per month.

 9. Hubspot

When running a writing business, keeping your clients ready to listen to customer stories is a must. For better customer care, you need applications to help you. Hubspot is a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) tool that acts as a contact center and helps enhance a business’s marketing factor with project management.

Some Features of Hubspot

  • When the CRM is in your device, you can stay updated from anywhere as Hubspot helps create tasks and reminders, and you can access the contacts whenever you want.
  • The process of outreaching is faster with Hubspot, and you can stay in touch with your clients live.
  • Hubspot allows the storage of important information, and you can use a microphone with voice direction to type a note.
  • Real-time notifications keep you abrupt, and team collaboration is easier with Hubspot.

Pricing of Hubspot

  • The starter version costs $45 per month.
  • The professional version costs $800 per month.
  • For an enterprise, it is $3200 per month.

10. Coschedule

Coschedule is an application that includes the functionalities for marketing content from planning to organizing, executing, and making to-do lists. It has a marketing tool with an editorial calendar, and marketers are benefited from this app.

Some Features of Coschedule

  • Integration with other tools makes the schedule easier to use.
  • Organizing and tracking projects are possible by using Coschedule. You can write many blog posts and use Coschedule to create podcasts and design graphics.
  • The contents are classified based on importance, and you can use different shades, texts, and drag and drop the contents.
  •  You can use task templates to better plan and organize the marketing processes with notifications at the right time.

 Pricing of Coschedule

  • It costs $29 per user per month.


Small writing businesses need help from applications to run the workplace smoothly and help to grow your business. There are many applications, but the best aid is churning productivity and maintaining proper management. Accounting software ensures that the business account is linked to a savings account and another bank account. So it is important to use apps for small writing businesses.

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