Reasons to not Drop Cable TV?

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The Cord-cutting movement started in response to the ever-increasing cable TV bills. Throughout the years, cable companies have faxed many taxes and they have to pay surcharges to local broadcasters. A fair share of taxes and surcharges is taken from the customers directly. Secondly, promotional terms are good for a year or two. After the end of the promotional term, prices tend to go higher upsetting a massive cover base. 

However, if you look on the bright side, cable TV offers endless entertainment. There are countless channels in their lineups. The DVR functionality helps you record all the live shows without skipping a beat. There are all kinds of channels ranging from sports, news, comedy, music, entertainment, lifestyle to shopping. 

If you are considering cutting the cord, go ahead. It’s your decision. But whether this decision is tangible for you or not, this article will help you decide. 

Are You Willing To Sacrifice Live Sports? 

Streaming Services are a great alternative for cable TV. They offer convenience and do not put a dent in your monthly budget. However, there is a single catch. You may not be able to get much choice when it comes to sports programming.

Netflix is great but you will not be able to see the Lakers play. If you are a sports fan, you need all of the exciting action from the world of sports. Cable TV has a huge library of channels when it comes to sports. You can get live action from all the popular sporting events and leagues around the globe. Most importantly, cable TV has local sports channels as well. Therefore, you can get live action from college sports. 

Although many streaming services do offer basic sports channels, those are enough. 

The Number Of Channels In A Lineup 

Streaming services offer 50 to 60 channels at max. You will get a mix of news, entertainment, lifestyle, and some sports channels. These are just the basic channels with no extra entertainment sauce. 

Cable TV on the other hand has a huge variety of channels in its most basic lineup. For example, if you check Spectrum channel you can get more than 200 channels of them.

This includes all the news channels such as BBC, CNN, & FOX News. You get all the popular channels such as Comedy Central, C-Span, PBS, National Geographic, Discovery, Animal Planet, TNT, Bravo, PBS, FOX Sports, and many more. 

Having this variety of channels on cable TV doesn’t hurt. No matter what age group you are from, you will always have something to watch. 

Local Channels 

Cable TV has many local channels in the lineup. The availability of these channels may vary from location to location. However, you will get all the popular channels in your area. All of this without paying an extra penny for these channels. These channels broadcast local news and sporting events. If you are a fan of college football or basketball, you need Cable TV to watch live-action. 

With streaming services, you only have the popular channels and you might not get local channels. 

Pay-Per-View And On-Demand 

We know that the entertainment industry has evolved quite drastically. With the introduction of streaming services, watching your favorite shows and movies has become a lot more convenient. Now, many might argue that with this digital and streaming revolution, cable TV is going to be sidelined and become extinct in the future. In reality, this is not the case.

Cable companies understand this digital age and they are doing their best to cope with the expectations from consumers. 

Therefore, if your streaming service gives you the freedom to choose what you want to watch, cable TV is giving you the same freedom today. Many cable providers now give you free access to thousands of on-demand choices to watch whenever you want. The on-demand service is included with cable TV plans. The library contains all the popular movies, TV shows, and documentaries. 

Most importantly, cable TV lets you order pay-per-view events as well. All the big MMA, boxing, or NFL matches are available for you to order. 

What If You Don’t have you don’t an Internet 

You will be relying largely on your internet connection when it comes to streaming. Sadly, internet outages are quite common these days and your slower connections might interrupt the video quality. People who live in geographically remote areas will suffer a lot since they don’t have high-speed internet in the majority of the cases. 

Final Verdict 

Cable TV is a great way to watch all the national and local channels without any effort. The sports programming offered with cable TV has no other alternative...

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