Advantages of Application Error Monitoring

When it comes to web development, errors are inherent. Even the world’s most well-known companies aren’t exempt from application errors. Unfortunately, this can mean a decrease in revenue for your business. Application errors can make customers unhappy and reduce retention rates, as well as the acquisition of new customers.

Error monitoring solutions can provide developers with an accurate look at the most critical errors. Based on the significance of the error – and how they will affect users – these monitoring programs will give your developers a chance to fix errors quickly. Here are some of the advantages of implementing application error monitoring for your team.

It Keeps Your Team Happy

A fragile application can have a tough effect on your team. Continuously working longer and harder to fix errors can fatigue teams who develop applications and software. You may even see a reduction in productivity or general employee morale if they have to fix the same mistakes over and over again. Generally speaking, developers would prefer positions that include a high rate of maintenance work or putting out fires.

The effect this can have on your company may be drastic. The onboarding and training costs of hiring new developers can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Implementing an application error monitoring program can help reduce the high costs associated with turnovers by helping improve retention rates. As a bonus, it may even help you attract some of the highest talents in the industry. Many developers would rather work for companies that use modern tools and create high-quality applications.

It Keeps Your Customers Happy

In this day and age, customers have high expectations when it comes to software and applications. When it comes to application errors and inadequate support, the customer’s experience can quickly deteriorate. Additionally, many customers fail to report the errors that they encounter, leaving room for potential revenue and customer loss before the company has even been made aware of the problem. Companies that don’t have a system in place to catch errors and fix them before they get to the consumer may suffer a drop in customer acquisition or retention rates, sales, and even their power in the market.

It Raises Employee Productivity

When developers know there is a safety net such as an application error monitoring solution, they have more confidence when it comes to releasing applications. In today’s marketplace, timing can be a competitive edge. Having this safety net will allow developers to push out products faster, knowing that errors will be caught before the final release.

Additionally, managers will be able to direct their teams more efficiently. When an error monitoring solution is in place, managers can quickly view which errors have the most effect on the users, the origin of the problem, who is working to fix it, and even confirm that it’s fixed when it comes to production. This leaves the manager in control of the process instead of out of the loop.

It Increases Your Profitability

Application errors have a direct effect on your revenue because they decrease customer acquisition and retention. Consumers don’t want to interact with a service that is difficult or impossible to access due to errors. Believe it or not, application errors are a driving force when it comes to smaller conversion rates via shopping cart size and even cart abandonment. If left unchecked, this can cause your customers to seek out alternatives as their trust in your products wanes.

Implementing error monitoring can quickly notify your crew of any problems in the applications. This allows them to quickly fix the issues before the problem effects even more customers. Implementing strategies to quickly address customer concerns shows customers that you care and want to keep their business.

Application error monitoring has many benefits for your business. Not only will it keep your team happy and your business healthy, but it will also improve your customer’s view of you.

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