How to choose a good domain name?

The domain name is generally the first thing that a visitor will see on your site.  If possible always try to match your domain with your business name to assist in brand recognition, sometimes it is not possible to buy the exact domain as your business name, so try to include at least one major keywords related to your company.  . Com is the ideal high level domain, but you’ll think about buying alternative top level domains to confirm you have the benefit of your marketing strategies.

Domains should be unforgettable and catchy. Usually speaking, shorter domain help visitors to remember your URL next time. Very long domain names with hyphens are easy to forget or bear in mind incorrectly. Avoid using jargon keywords that are not very common.

 domain name URL parts

Two similar domains with different TLD are confusable for visitors, you must consider buying the relevant domains and redirects to your main web site. This ensures that you still get the benefit from any errors in writing. You may additionally consider buying many top level domains if you want to be on the safe side.

Do not use hyphens because visitors can remember the words, but forget the hyphens and there’s a chance you’ll present your potential customers to one of your competitors. In terms of the search engines like Google, this is important too. When Google saw sites with a number of hyphens, then they deem as spammy sites and can penalize you accordingly.

Older domains are going to be more expensive than a brand new domain, they vary from a few hundred to many thousand dollars depending on the name and other factors. Market price is set based on spelling, traffic, and economic trends. Extremely notable domains have the stronger branding potential which attracts lots of traffic and easier to remember. However, depending on the name and what you intend to do with the domain, it’s going to be well worth to invest in the old domain.

Expired domains provide huge profit, when a well-liked domain expires it still receive traffic and can retain its search engine listing for some time. By buying an expired domain you may have a ready made database of visitors.

TLD domain is the last part of your URL. .com are the most uses TLD’s but there are more than two hundred domains available. The latest TLD is .mobi which is designed specifically for sites that are meant to be viewed on a mobile browser such as a mobile phone. But, .com is the best choice because visitors can always bear in mind your web site as a .com even if it isn’t.