List of top level domains (TLD’s)

A domain name is the address of the website and domain name extension is the last part of the address. A web address consists of three parts, i.e. www, name comes after the www and a few letters after ‘dot’.

There are many types of domain name extensions and each one is capable of representing a particular identity. Top level domains suggests the nature of the website, they are classified into different types based on country, purpose or supporter. TLD’s that are country specific are called as country code top level domains or CcTLD’s, TLD’s which are classified according to their purpose are termed as Generic TLD’s.


top level domain tld names

Country code TLD’s help users to identify a website as originating from a specific country. Example, .au and .uk extension represent that the website is from the Australia and UK respectively. Country code TLD’s have some geographical restrictions, it is mainly used to target traffic from a particular country

Generic TLD’s usually represent the purpose or the type of the website. There is a wide range of generic TLD’s available depending on the nature of your business. The most common TLD is .com which denotes commercial. You may also use .info, .edu, .net or .org according to your requirements. There are some sponsored TLD’s which are administered by organizations, groups, agencies, etc. Example – .mobi – for mobile, .travel – for travel.

Domain name extensions make your website address unique by assigning a character, identity or location. If you use a TLD according to location or website nature, then website have have more chances to rank high in search engines.


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List of Country Code Top Level Domains


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List of Generic Top Level Domains

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