Is Fiber-Optic Commonly Used For The Internet Or Something Else?

When we think about the connected world, the first thing that comes to mind is the internet. A great blessing for everyone including entrepreneurs, photographers, influencers, streamers, gamers, and people of every walk of life.

Over time, technology evolved and changes were done to provide high-speed internet. If you are a millennial, you might have experienced dial-up internet that produced funny sounds before connecting. After connecting, the phone line went busy and no one could use it to call friends and family as long as the internet was connected. The speed was snail-paced and you could not even watch YouTube in high resolution.

Fast forward, a massive change took place and the internet went from dial-up to DSL. DSL as commonly referred to as Digital Subscriber Line offered seamless connectivity to people without keeping the phone line busy. In the rural areas, satellite internet is used to connect to the internet as there is little to no infrastructure to provide internet due to a lack of poles and cables.

However, when it comes to the fastest internet, fiber optic tops the list. Speeds start from 1Gig, which allows for data-heavy activities such as streaming, gaming and downloading. Even better, fiber optic isn’t impacted by rain like copper cables can be, so your internet will never drop out during a storm. Many internet providers now make use of fiber optic cables, so it can be useful to compare hughesnet vs viasat and other providers to find out which has the highest speeds. If you have never used fiber optics, you might want to know if fiber optic is used for the internet or something else. Keep reading because we are going to unveil the truth. Let’s get started.

Uses of Fiber Optic

Fiber optic cables are not limited to the internet. Here are some of the uses of fiber optic used across various industries.

High-Speed Internet 

Fiber optic is very useful in transmitting large amounts of data without slowing down. It is being widely used for internet cables. Unlike copper wires, fiber optic is very flexible, less bulky, and lighter in weight. That is why the transmission of data is much faster. Some of the best fiber optic internet providers in the United States include Xfinity, CenturyLink, AT&T, and Spectrum. However, you need to check the availability of fiber internet in your area. Some of the ISPs might be available in your area, but not all of them would be offering fiber internet.

Make sure to contact the service provider for further details and ask for availability. Just be aware, no matter how fast the internet may be there will always be issues. Saying this, they’re usually solved promptly. For instance, you can find xfinity internet troubleshooting (or for other providers) guides, usually on their websites for information on how to go forth with the problem.
Computer Networking

When it comes to fiber optics cables, they are better than copper wires. You would be surprised to know that fiber optic is being widely used for a computer network in a single building. It can take a much shorter time to transfer data and files across networks.

Surgery and Dentistry

Fiber optic is not only limited to computer networking and the internet but is also used widely in the medical field. If you are a student of medicine, you might know how optical communication is vital for surgical methods, commonly known as endoscopy. Performing such procedures require thin bright light to light up surgery area within the human body, resulting in lesser chances of errors. Fiber optic is also widely used in biomedical and microscopy research.

Automotive Industry

Fiber optic cable plays a vital role in the automotive industry in today’s era. For instance, it is being used for safety features and lighting in various automobiles. Fiber optic is being used in vehicles for exterior and interior lighting. As we have mentioned earlier, fiber optic is light and carries less volume. They are used widely for providing superior lighting and conserving space in vehicles.


Fiber optic is also used in telephone, unlike copper cables that have been around for years. Fiber optic allows you to connect faster and have seamless communication without and disruptions or lags.

Lighting and Decorations

Fiber optics is widely used in areas for decorative purposes, and widely spread over the years. It is an easy and economical solution to lighting projects and is widely used in different events to decorate parties, Christmas trees, and much more.

Mechanical Inspections

As the fiber optic is gaining traction among various industries, mechanics is not an exception. Mechanical engineers inspect machines and other types of equipment where it is hard to reach and inspect are using it. For instance, plumbers inspect pipes for leakage and holes use fiber optic.

Cable Television

Cable television is part of every household. When it comes to fiber optics, it is being used for transmitting cable signals and has rapidly grown over the years. The cables are ideal for carrying signals on HD television, due to their greater speed and bandwidth. In addition, fiber optics cables are quite inexpensive as compared to copper wires.

Military and Space Applications

Fiber optics is overwhelmingly replacing copper cables and when it comes to military and aerospace applications; it provides the optimal level of data security and seamless transmission of signals.

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