What Are The Popular Software Testing Resources?


Most teams are unable to successfully utilize automation because of inadequacy of training. Many times they are unable to understand where to begin.

But you can easily jumpstart all your endeavours with the utilization of resources and this is applicable for both experts and beginners. In the current times you will come across a plethora of software testing resources.

In fact you can benefit the team of your WordPress development company by offering them these resources that will set them on the path of automation testing fabulousness.

  • API – API is one of the best software testing resources you will come across. There are several testers who might have good automation experience but they have only functioned with automation that is GUI based. Take these ideas into account to be able to add API automation to test suites.
  1. Restful-Booker – The only challenges you will face while wanting to begin with API testing is actually getting hands-on an application for testing as you keep learning. But you can definitely learn more regarding API tools & testing with the help of Restful-Booker that was founded by Mark Winteringham. Here you can also get familiar with the numerous bugs that might exist in the APIs.
  2. Citrus – This is an open-source framework with which you can automate all integration tests for any data format and messaging protocol virtually. Learning about the process of automating APIs, call for downloading Citrus where you can go through detailed documentation.
  • References – Software testing automation can be several in numbers. But it might get overwhelming for you to choose the correct one. It is best to go with references. Some websites that you must investigate for learning more are:
  1. Todo-subsecond – This is one of the most sought-after software testing resources. This is a petite application with a plethora of acceptance tests and the best part is, these can operate in milliseconds. The purpose of the app is to demonstrate the important techniques for attaining this in all systems. Via a course of exercises, users will get proverbial with a specific method of carrying out behavior-driven & test-driven development.
  2. Kitchen Sink – Among the various software testing companies, Kitchen Sink has gained much recognition due to its automation tool called Cypress.io. This tool is extremely efficacious for developers who have to deal with JavaScript automation engineering. Kitchen Sink aptly displays the testing capabilities of Cypress.io.
  • Automation testing – chat groups
  1. Serenity Framework – For your major WordPress site testing projects, you must utilize Serenity Framework. The founder of this resource is John Smart and the Serenity community is one of the finest resources for you to cope with things that several other automation engineers handle like a pro. Even if you do not presently use Serenity, you can still benefit from the community.
  2. Selenium Slack Group – This is one of the best software testing frameworks as with the Selenium Slack Group you can not only receive updates about the Selenium project but also get a chance to interact with its major contributors. As you keep on viewing threads available in the official channel of Selenium Slack, you will automatically boost up all the automation IQ.
  3. Automation Guild Slack – To get access to the channel of Automation Guild Slack, you must enroll your name for the online conference of Automation Guild. You can get your hands on a lot of effective software testing techniques as this community is an active one. You can interact with friendly folks here and from the information they share, you will find a lot of your questions being answered.
  • Online automation conferences – The automation conferences that you must take a look at are:
  1. Google Test Automation Conference – Google hosts this yearly test automation conference. Considered as one of the finest software testing automation resources, this conference amalgamates world-class engineers from academia & industry for discussing advances in the field of test automation & test engineering computer science. The sessions held at the conference are archived & you can view those anytime you wish to. For instance, you can easily check the videos & slides of GTAC 2016.
  2. DevOps Days – The entwining of automation testing & DevOps is gaining much popularity these days. From this software testing importance can be well apprehended. As a sound automation engineer, you must have a proper know-how of all principles of DevOps. The free resource that you must get hands-on is All DevOpsDays accessible in the YouTube channel. 

Final Say

With the correct utilization of software testing resources as mentioned above, not only you can discover logical oversights but you can even prevent bug explosion. Such resources will enable you to gain immense technical strength. To get hands-on more advanced software testing solutions, get in touch with us today. Our QA expert teams carry experience and expertise. 

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