What is PPC, Is it beneficial for new business?

PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising can be a bit like attending an auction where you can bid keywords of your choice related to your niche. When a visitor reach your website by clicking on your ads showing in that search engine then you will pay the value of your bid. The bid values typically start at five cents, but may be several dollars for highly competitive keywords.

For your new business making quick money with PPC advertising is not easy, it requires patience, research, creativity and good marketing skills. There are lots of ways on how you can allow the ads to drive traffic and convert online visitors into your customers. This is still one of the most effective marketing methods because of the conversion rates. But earning quick money with PPC is not easy  as we think, lots of people lose their money and business too. There are many factors that you have to think of to make PPC effective  for your business. To make it effective follows some tips-

Choose a non competitive keyword

It’s all about keywords in PPC. Choosing high competitive keyword means you are up against thousands of brands and other PPC advertisers. Choose the descriptive or long tail keyword which can describe your business more clearly. You can also take help of keyword suggestion tools available online which help you to choose the appropriate keyword.

Some advertisers are fighting to pay the most for the top 30 keywords in a particular niche which is totally unnecessary and risky. What you need to do is find other keywords which are relevant to your products, but not nearly competitive for your site.

Develop your landing page comprehensively

If you are promoting for referrals or for your own product on the web page, then landing page play important role to convert your visitors into customers. Try to describe the benefits and features of the products in the form of paragraph, short stories or infographic.

Monitor the campaign

Sometime ads work or sometime not. So keep track your ad performance and determine which ads are getting high conversion rate and which one are weak. Then you can choose to improve or remove those poor PPC campaigns.

ppc advertising

   Advantages of using PPC advertising-

  • Hope not, if your ads are not successful you have a right to cancel it anytime.
  • You will only pays when someone clicks on your ads.
  • You can enable your PPC campaign in minutes.
  • It can be a cheap method of attracting targeted traffic in a quick time.
  • Anyone who bids can get the top spot in ads if they outbid the competition.
  • Ads can be tested and amended very simply and quickly.


   Disadvantages of using PPC advertising-

  • You could be paying for junk clicks, i.e. people who click on your ads for nothing or unmitigated visitor.
  • Sometimes in competition for the top spot can result in a bidding war, driving up the CPC of keywords.
  • Some of the PPC search engines have strict approval process for advertisers. Sometimes it take a long time to approve your ads.
  • Poorly designed ad can result in traffic that doesn’t convert to sales.

Having considered both the advantages and the disadvantages, how do you get started with PPC advertising? First and foremost, you should carry out some research for the keywords that your target customers are using to search for your type of product or service.

In conclusion, PPC internet advertising can be our best friend or worst nightmare. It’s all the matter of research and to know how to find and utilize the most relevant keywords at the right price.

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