Introduction to Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a social networking service provider. It lets you invite and connect with friends, send messages and pictures, and like and comment or share them. Facebook has seen outstanding growth since its inception and is poised to maintain its dominance in social networking.

 How To Create a Fan Page?

A Facebook Fan Page is a tremendous way to promote your business, build awareness for a cause, and gather support for your brand. If you’d like to create a fan page follow these easy Steps:

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
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Click on the setting top right-hand corner of your page.

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  • Click on create a page.
  • Click on the sort of page you would like to create.
  • Fill altogether the information required.
  • Click on “get started.”
  • Upload a profile picture and click on on save the photo.
  • Complete the ‘about’ section and click on ‘save info.’
  • Now decide whether you would like to enable ads or skip them (it will be payable if you enable it).

Facebook Profiles

Facebook Profiles are for people and that they are generally meant for personal use only. A Facebook Profile is an account that’s allocated against an individual, who can use it to network with friends and colleagues and share information with them. it’s designed to be a unique profile on the Facebook network for that one individual, and it’s not meant to be used to represent a company, a corporation , or a fictitious character .

 Facebook Places

Facebook Places enable people real-time updates on where they are and what they are doing when they are on the move. It also enables its users to take advantage of unexpected coincidences such as discovering that they are at some concert as their friends. Users can check in when they arrive at a location, and see whether their friends are nearby. The best part about Facebook places is that it will more or less maintain itself once it has been created. Facebook users do have the ability to ‘like’ the Facebook places as well, so encourage visitors to press the ‘like’ button after they check-in. Connect with more Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing.

 Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are places for small group communication where users can share their common interests and express their opinion. Groups allow people to come together around a common cause. Groups are for discussing issues and sharing related content. When we create a group, we can decide whether to make it publicly available for anyone to join, require administrator approval for members to join, or keep it private and by Invitation only. Groups range widely – from light-hearted themes to organizing activities to serious topics such as politics and world events.

 Grow Your Business with Facebook

Facebook is fast becoming a powerhouse of marketing activity due to the sheer number of engaging users on the site and the simplicity of connecting with them directly.

Facebook Advertising 

What are Adverts?

Adverts on the Facebook are unique. They’re shown to specific groups of highly engaged people. If your adverts have an excellent creative content and are well targeted, they get more likes, comments, and shares. once we boost our page posts or expand the audience for the adverts, more people will see them once they visit Facebook. Facebook ads allow us to market our business, get more fans to our business page, and drive more leads for our sales team. Facebook ads allow us to advertise an internet site or content that we manage on Facebook (like a group,page, or event)

To create an ad,go to: and click on “Create an ad.”

The way to Create a Campaign?

With targeted ads, stories, and wall posts, a successful campaign are often a powerful tool in our advertising arsenal. When running a Facebook campaign, we will draw on several Facebook components such as wall posts, Facebook ads, Sponserd marketing, unique page tabs,etc. we will break down reports by campaign and also easily start/stop all ad sets within that campaign.

Campaigns correspond to every of our advertising objectives, like building brand awareness or driving web traffic. they’re designed to help optimize and measure our results for each objective across multiple ad sites and ads. Each campaign can feature multiple ad sets, each of which has its own budget and schedule. we will also organize each set to represent a particular audience segment, foe example, we will have an ad set for people who live near our store. this may help us control the amount we spend on each audience, decide once they will see our ads, and measure their response. Within each ad set, we will have multiple ads, each of which may feature a different set of images, links, videos, or text.

Facebook offers a good variety of paid ad options and placements, but all ads are often broken down into three elements:

  • Campaigns : Various Different Campaigns you can make.
  • Ad Sets : Targeting Seperate Audiences with different characteristics needs an individual ad set for each.
  • Ads  : Actual Ads are live within ad sets. Each ad set can hold a variety of ads that vary in copy, images, color etc.


In Digital Marketing Industry Facebook plays an important role as It’s almost everyone’s favourite platform used frequently by People among all social media platforms. So Each Business and Persons who wish it’s Digital presence and Branding must think of Facebook Marketing, Learn to make ad campaign effectively. Must know Facebook Fan Pages, Profiles, Places, Groups and its effective Handellings to grab appropriate results.

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