Mashable – What is Mashable?

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What is Mashable?

How it Works, How it keeps customers engaging, and What are the actual services of it?

Well, is an American multi-platform media and entertainment company, which was founded by Pete Cashmore in 2005. It provides informative materials and news content on entertainment, tech, culture, science and social media, news, and many more. The material is for its dedicated and substantial readers around the globe.

This web-based platform is an aggregator of news, texts, and podcasts in English, French, Dutch, and Italian that are selected manually. The main criterion for publication of content is the relevance and reliability of the information.

Mashable is also considered as “one-stop-shop” for social media. With the availability of 6,000,000 Twitter followers and also over 3,200,000 fans on Facebook, the agency provides information on everything, from entertainment to social good.

It not only serves as an aggregator but also produces its own original content for their readers.

Indeed, Mashable provides the online distribution of news. The company operates and maintains an online platform for the display of news and information with a focus on technology and social media. The applicants can also apply to Mashable careers for showing their talent.

Today, Mashable has about 60 employees and offices in New York and San Francisco. In 2012, Cashmore made Time magazine’s World’s 100 Most influential people list.

People can access Mashable via many social media networks as well as services by clicking the Follow link. This will give access to view and read the content.

The company serves its news content and other information material across the globe, including the United States, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, India, Middle East, South-East Asia, Pakistan, Italy, and Australia. Furthermore, it acquired YouTube channel CineFix from Whalerock Industries in June 2016.

About Mashable Digital Media Agency

Mashable has created and develops a number of professional online publications on different materials whether it is related to tech industries or entertainment. The company’s services are used by almost everyone across the globe.

As discussed above, Mashable was organized in 2005 by Pete Cashmore while living in Aberdeen, Scotland. Through a simple WordPress Blog, the company has started its organization. In addition, it is counted as one of the 25 blogs in 2009.

In December 2017, Ziff Davis bought Mashable. Under Ziff Davis, the company has gained huge popularity and expanded to many countries, including Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Australia in various languages.

To acknowledge the best online communities and co-operations, Mashable also introduced the 1st International Open Web Awards on 27 November 2007. The selection of winners was carried online through Mashable and its 24 blog partners.

Digg, Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, ESPN, Cafemom, and Pandora were declared as winners for the first Open Web Awards on 10 January 2008.

Same as the 2nd and 3rd Annual Open Web Awards was conducted in 2008 and 2009 respectively. In 2010, mashable gave the Open Web Awards another name – the 4th Annual Mashable Awards.

Authoritatively, the Mashable Awards launched on 27 September 2010. At that time, the winners were  HootSuite for Best Social Media Management Tool, ReachLocal for Best Social Media Service for Small Business, iPad for Best New Gadget, and Angry Birds for Best Mobile Game.

Mashable – Categories & Services

  • Entertainment

What is New? What Is Rising, What is hot in the entertainment list. Everything is available on the Mashable platform, including games, movies, and television.

  • Culture

Mashable always keeps its customer informative with various culture-related materials, including relationships, celebrities, memes, parenting, and social media. From the latest news to every relevant content material, the company always adds something to entertain their customers.

  • Tech

In this digital and technological world, everybody wants to keep themselves with the latest tech gadgets whether it is about Apple Series or something very imperative small device for business. It includes apps, gadgets, mobile, smart home devices, and reviews of them.

  • Science

If a science lover wants to keep himself up-to-date with materials related to climate and science, what would be a more preferable platform than Mashable? With a single scroll, you will avail to learn more.

  • Shop

Mashable shop is the leading store for stylish accessories, gadgets, and various essentials used in everyone’s life, plus more. The customers will find everything, from headphones to various lifestyle materials

  • Lifestyle

This section contains information and news about home, family, health, and the more personal side of the connected generation.

  • Travel 

Whether you are heading on a business trip or just for traveling purposes, Mashable has a wide range of latest updates on every type of travel accessories like flight, suitcase, neck-pillows, noise-canceling headphones, and many more. It will also provide a detailed guide to various places and what to pack while traveling.

For a successful career opportunity, Mashable is the right platform for presenting your informative materials by applying on Mashable jobs.

Mashable Jobs is the main gateway to showing talent. For more information, contact on Mashable’s “Contact Us” page.

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